Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Place Called Here

After completing my first Cecelia Ahern's book, I was eagerly awaiting her new books. By the way, the PS I Love You movie never made it to Malaysia. What a disappointment! :( Anyone has the DVD?

Anyway, I got this new book from Cecelia Ahern during last Christmas, and I only managed to get my hands on it lately. It is titled A Place Called Here and it is a uniquely told story, with a some interesting characters. Basically, it's a story about missing things, and a very curious girl. Have you ever wondered where missing things go? The girl in the story, called Sandy Shortt, is the type of girl who could never sleep sound knowing that something is out there missing. If she couldn't find one of her socks, she would practically turn the whole house upside down just to locate it. And if all else fails, she would end up miserable and even more curious. Hence, her parents are very careful with things around the house, to always keep them where they are supposed to be, just so they never go missing. Her curiosity and inquisitive nature really got to her, so much so that she ended up starting an agency to look for missing persons.

But really, have you ever wondered where missing things go? Sandy brought up a good point in the story. Things only go missing if you misplace them or if you FORGET where you placed them, but she does not forget where she puts her things. Knowing that she is so particular, she always makes sure she remembers where she keeps her stuffs. So, why do things still go missing? The story apparently led to a place called Here, where all the missing things and missing persons end up to be. Of course, this is a fictional story, but reading the book somehow makes me ponder. I'm sure in all of our lives, there must be at least ONE thing that we have lost and never found back. Where did they go? Does 'Here' really exist? Interesting read... :)


Chia Yee said...

Try downloading P.S. I love you online :p

iamthewitch said...

Actually I tried that, but it's not the clear version :(

ablogaway said...

Hey, I saw "PS, I Love You" book in Popular. They are on discounts now, for Pop member, I think. Well, but you're searching for the DVD, so I'm not sure if you're interested :)