Saturday, March 15, 2008

Commendable attempt at Sushi-making ;)

After my beautiful and romantic Bali trip last month, I was invited by my friend doryfish for a sushi making session. In all of my life I have only made attempted to make sushi once and it was not exactly a very successful one. *frown* Therefore, I took this opportunity to redeem myself, seeing that I've grown up to be an older, more matured and hopefully more skillful person. :P When I reached her place, all the ingredients were already laid nicely on the table. They were just screaming out to be transformed from boring rice, into interesting sushi!


Some of the toppings we used we mashed hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise, tuna, corn and crab sticks. Oh by the way, I did not know that the frozen crab sticks sold in the supermarket were ALREADY cooked and ready-to-eat! I always thought they must be boiled or steamed first before they're edible...
Some sushi toppings

Well then, it was time to start work! It was not such a difficult process really (well, not when all the ingredients were ready :P ). Start the process by making sure the rice is well mixed with vinegar and that it is cool enough. If the rice is still warm, it would make the seaweed all sticky and crumbled up. *eww*


Then, the rice is nicely placed on a piece of seaweed, not the entire piece-just half of it.

This would be followed by the addition of fillings, depending on individual preferences. I personally loved the tuna more so I made tuna sushi. ;)

Look at the intense looks on our faces. I was rolling up the sushi using the bamboo sushi roller. Rolling is another skill in sushi making. In fact, this was the main reason my first attempt years ago failed. You really need to use your force to roll the sushi as tight and firm as possible or the end product will not look nice.


After that, came the cutting process. This was something I have not mastered yet, and we all got to eat nicely cut sushi thanks to doryfish. Whenever I tried to slice out once piece, the rice just stubbornly stuck onto the knife, and worse still, the seaweed just would NOT be cut off! I just had enough of it and decided I was much better doing the sushi rolling part. :P

After about an hour or so, we finally managed to have 2 big plates of nice looking sushi. =) Mind you, they might not look so nice but they certainly did taste good.
Final outcome

The sushi-making experience was a successful one for me this time, and I'm sure there will be more improvement with more practice in the future. ;)
Witch and doryfish

After eating a tummyload of sushi, we were all stuffed and satiated. 2 of my friends who also joined us for the sushi, brought lots of fruits and made us fruit juice. The big pot of juice actually consists of carrots, oranges, green apples and celery sticks. Very healthy indeed!

Yummy! =))
Fruit juice


IamDoryFish~ said...

:P Witch was late and poor doryfish had to prepare all the ingredients first! j/k...kekekeke

Hey, i looked so ugly in the picture!

iamthewitch said...

Hehe... Luckily I wasn't the only one who's late. :P Thanks to you for preparing ingredients! Bravo bravo! Hehehe