Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random reviews of food

I went to TGIF in Queensbay Mall 2 weekends ago and ordered my usual Cajun Fried Chicken Salad. I think I'm absolutely addicted to this salad! The portion is really huge too, so even though it is just salad, it can definitely fill my tummy for the longest time. Best of all, it is also healthy! :) Oh and don't get me started on the chicken! In a way that words cannot describe, the chicken fillets are fried just perfectly right, crispy and tasty. Definitely giving KFC a run for their money, in my humble opinion. ;)
Cajun fried chicken salad - revisited


Salad comes served with a bowl of salad sauce and a big piece of garlic bread. I love garlic bread! But be warned, if you finish the garlic bread, you'll most probably not be able to finish the salad...
Salad sauce and garlic bread

I also ordered the Tomato Basil Soup as starters, seeing that it's one of the featured items in the menu. Look at how gooey the soup is, it certainly did not look like soup to me, more like paste! This was rather sour to my liking, which only means that they used a lot of tomatoes! Well, if you're a tomato-lover, I'm sure you'd love this.
Tomato basil soup

The good old cheeseburger did not disappoint as well. Although the meat could have been more juicy and tender, the overall presentation and taste won me over.
Friday's cheeseburger

Overall, I still find the food and service at TGIF satisfying. Gosh, I'm craving for the salad yet again!

Hop on to another restaurant called Church Street Cafe in Church Street, Penang. What a weird name huh? Anyway, this place is located at a rather quiet street in town, so much so that I would never have noticed it had it not been for Stan. The interior of the place looks somewhat like a pub, but it's more laid back with soft music in the background. I like the fact that the music is soft, so that one does not have to scream on top of their lungs to get their words across, like what happens in noisy pubs.
Church Street Cafe

As with most pubs, this place also serves food. No doubt, food is not their specialty so I did not expect too much from it. The Fish and Chips looked pretty normal, typical fried fish with potato fries.
Fish and chips

I ordered the boneless chicken which was nothing too special. Too much chicken skin with flour indeed.
Boneless chicken

Then there was the orange juice that I ordered. I tell you, the waiter must have been baffled because I ordered JUICE! I was in a pub for God's sake and I ordered JUICE? Oh well, it's really too bad I don't drink beer, or anything bitter for that matter. So, I had to stick with the good old orange juice, which was just cordial mixed with water. *argh*
Orange juice

The famous drink of Church Street though, is their Snow Beer. It is a very special way of preparing their beer using frozen mugs and icy cold beer, such that when the beer is poured into the mug, it will freeze into soft ice flakes, not unlike the ais kacang type of ice. So when you drink the beer, it gives you a very cooling sensation and it takes away the bitter taste indeed! I was amazed! This is really a must try, albeit just a sip. :P
Snow beer

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