Friday, June 13, 2008

All About Shoes!

I don't know if it's just me or did all my shoes work on an evil plan to give up on me at the same time! :( Just 2 weeks ago, I was wearing my pretty sandals bought all the way from Bali, Indonesia. Those were my favourite pair of sandals because every time I wore them, I never failed to get praises! Even when I wore them to my facial appointment, every time a different girl saw my sandals, she would go "Where did you get those sandals?? You should have bought more!!"

Bali sandals
Bali sandals

And then, on that fateful day two weeks ago, they decided to give up on me. :( Oh yes, and it had to happen when I was rushing to have lunch before my class. Right in front of the public. I kid you not. I had to drag my feet across to the nearest store to get a new pair. It was no easy task, mind you. There was a point I actually tried removing my sandals and walked barefooted but then it created too many unnecessary stares that I didn't need. I ended up spending a good half an hour (which was supposed to be my lunch time!) shopping for shoes! It didn't help that my feet were extra large too, so I always had trouble finding the right size! *LOL*

Bali sandals
Broken :(

Finally, when I almost gave up hope and wanted to get sandals with a size smaller, I saw these.
Crocodile sandals
Crocodile sandals

They might not look very nice but my God, they're comfortable! I slipped into them and felt like I was walking on clouds! Haha.. I might be exaggerating but they're really comfortable! Plus they came in my size, which helped to seal the deal. :)

Now, one week later, I went hiking with my friends to Kerachut, which is a beautiful beach in Penang. If you read my previous post before, you would have noticed my shoes were halfway giving up on my at that time. However, my dear father helped to glue the outsoles again so they were good to go next time around.

Nike shoesNike shoes
Good as new

Unfortunately for me, the "recond" pair of shoes didn't manage to survive my subsequent Kerachut hike. :( Look at what happened at the end of the hike! Bare as a bald guy - almost. At first I was still willing to wear these shoes to go for another round of hike, but I realized that with such bare soles, there were a few times I was on the verge of slipping! And that certainly wasn't a very nice feeling to have at the middle of the mountain.

Nike shoes
Bad soles

Eventually, I told myself that it was about time for me to get ANOTHER pair of shoes. Why did they have to wear out at the same time?! Thankfully for me, there was a sale going on at the Royal Sporting House, so I managed to get a good discount for my sports shoes. I vowed never to buy Nike sports shoes anymore because that was my 4th pair dying on me, and dying the same way! Their outsoles are very badly adhered to the shoes, I tell you. I have heard from many good friends who recommended Asics to me so I decided to give it a try. Apparently, one has even worn a pair of Asics for 3 years and they're still good and sturdy. After much searching, I managed to find one nice pair with a good discount and my size. :P

Asics shoes
Asics shoes

Look! It even has a recommendation by the Sports Medicine Australia! How great is that? I can now exercise with a peace of mind while never worrying about bad soles. Tell me the shoes look great! :)
Asics shoes
Recommended by the doctors!


IamDoryFish~ said...

how much is your new asics shoes? I thought i told u Reebok is good. =_=

Bamboo said...

Being recommended means that it is good for the feet, but it does not say anything about durability! :P

iamthewitch said...

iamdoryfish: Yes the salesperson also mentioned Reebok is good, but I was too lazy to go through the whole process of choosing the right model and asking for the right size dy. :P The shoes were RM 380 before discount of 40%! :)

bamboo: We'll see about that! :P

jc said...

witch!! those are the shoes i wanted! they were the best deal at Royal Sporting House!! Too bad theres no size for me...smallest was 10 huhuhu...

Why Asics is so good is due to the cushioning. Running/jogging is known to have impact on the knee joints, so having a good shoe with good cushioning suppot is essential ;)

Splendid choice!!! *envy*envy*

iamthewitch said...

jc: Eh I didnt see your msg earlier! Well you could try to check at the Asics store in queensbay. They're selling at similar price too that time.. but their sizes were smaller!