Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Save whenever you can

As mentioned in my earlier post, the Malaysian government has increased our petrol price to a whopping RM2.70/liter, which is a 40% increment from our previous petrol price. Certainly, this is not a small amount to be taken lightly. Just look at the newspapers daily and you'll see many small traders having a hard time to make ends meet. As a result of this increase too, the crime rate is indirectly affected. More people are having a difficult time to survive, and some of them are resorting to illegal means just to get an extra dollar or two, even if it means robbing others. Just today, there was a man who was beat up by a gang of four just because he was flagging down passers-by to send his dying mother to the hospital. What has the world become? Is there no mercy anymore? Even if you want to rob, you shouldn't target helpless people who are asking for your help! Anyway, my point is, times are hard now and especially so for people who have mounting debts, which is common among credit card holders. Since the standard of living is increasing, I'm sure the amount that one can afford to pay back will reduce drastically. Therefore, for those who still have large amount of credit card debts, it is advisable for you to transfer your balance to other banks to reset your interest rate. In order to do so, I strongly advise you to search for the best balance transfer credit card deals either in the internet or from your local banks. At times like this, even a small percentage of interest can mount up to a large amount without you realizing it. We could definitely do away with these unnecessary expenses now.

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