Friday, June 20, 2008

Free flow of ice-cream at Mizi Bistro

Did you know about this place called Mizi Bistro which is located in the new establishment called New World Park, Penang? I was at New World Park once, before many new restaurants mushroomed. Right now, it has many new and nice restaurants as well as quaint shops that look really attractive. One of the restaurants that caught my attention was Mizi Bistro, simply because it was the most crowded restaurants among all. I'm not sure about you but I always tend to choose restaurants with more people even if it means having to wait for a table. At least, so many people can't be wrong right? :) Luckily for us, a table was available shortly on the night that I visited.

Salt and pepper shakers

I ordered the set dinner, which cost RM19.90. Unlike other set dinners which allow you limited choices of main course and soup to choose from, the set dinner at Mizi basically allows you to choose your soup and main course from their extensive ala carte menu. In other words, you get to eat what you would have ordered ala carte, just that at a more reasonable 'package' price. I thought that was a good idea because there were really many interesting dishes in the menu! After ordering, each table would get a serving or french bread and wholemeal bread. This was nothing too special because the french bread wasn't toasted and the wholemeal bread was exactly like Gardenia's.

Gardenia wholemeal bread

Pretty soon, my first course of soup arrived. Was I glad I chose the mushroom soup! It was very creamy and flavourful. You know there are soups which are just starchy and full of Ajinomoto (think Pizza Hut soup) right? Well this one was not starchy at all and it had many tiny bits of mushroom well blended in.

Mushroom soup
Mushroom soup

Apart from the set meal I ordered, Saucer also ordered a Caesar's salad as he was feeling fat that night. :P The salad came in a really nice presentation, I thought. Definitely enticed my palate especially with the delicious-looking garlic bread! The combination of the salad and chicken meat was not bad, but definitely nothing too special. But I would say that the portion was rather huge so it would definitely be a good main course to those who want to stay off fatty food. :)

Caesar's Salad
Caesar's salad

Then my order arrived! I do not really remember the exact name of my fish, because there were just many funny names of fish that they had. Anyway, you could see that the dish did not look very appealing in picture, eh? The fish they used was definitely fresh, and each piece I cut came out as a perfectly nice flake, if you know what I mean. The sauce, however, was nothing very special but it wasn't bad either. I loved that their portion was rather huge, considering the price that they charge.

Poached fish

Finally, it was dessert time and according to the menu, dessert = dessert of the day. We were waiting for the waiter to serve us the dessert, until I realized that no one seemed to notice our missing dessert! It prompted me to ask the waiter there, only to be told that dessert was self-served ice-cream at the ice-cream bar! Gosh.... Couldn't they have informed us in the first place rather than let us wait there unknowingly? Well, that aside, I was very thrilled with the fact that the ice-cream serving was free flow! And it came with many colourful and nice toppings as well, just perfect for people like me. :) Unfortunately, by the time I finished my first bowl, I was already too full to get a second. Next time I shall go with an EMPTY stomach to make full use of the free flow of ice-cream. *LOL*

ice cream @ Mizi Bistro
Ice cream


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

gosh.. mouth watering.. =( now i am hungry and craving for supper. sigh*

love the salad =P

IamDoryFish~ said...

yum yum, i shld try next time. But we seldom eat out d. sob sob :(

Bamboo said...

sigh... if only the shops in sabah serves food with similiar quality... sigh...

giddy tigress said...

That's a steal of a dinner for RM19.90! But every time I am at First World, I will head straight for hawker fare wor...

iamthewitch said...

i.r.v.i.n.e.: hehe... yes, salad was pretty good! One shall eat when hungry :P

iamdoryfish: Eat during weekends lor.. once a week should be ok :)

bamboo: Hehe... Well Sabah has its own specialties as well!

giddy tigress: Yes! Very worthwhile! Always packed at night :)