Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mango Loh and Crazy Queue for Donuts

A few weeks ago, I went to KL to meet up with Nicolekiss after winning her contest sponsored by The Tasting Room. Since I was already going to KL, I took the opportunity to meet up some of my good friends as well! Guess where my first stop was right after I got picked up from the bus station? By the way, Puduraya bus station was really scary to me. I waited outside just by the road for Kok Leong to fetch me, and there were so many scary people walking up and down past me. Or maybe I was just being paranoid, but really! Anyway, after waiting for 30 minutes, my friend finally reached and we went to KTZ for supper! I still remember the first time I was there, probably 2 years ago, and I fell in love with their Mango Loh.

KTZ shop

I tell you, this mango loh is like no other! Somehow, the ice is so finely blended, and it's so full of mango puree that the whole dessert is just heavenly! Every scoop brings me to paradise... *LOL* I'm sure many would agree with me too, judging from the huge crowd at the restaurant.
Mango loh

The next morning, Kok Leong brought Niki and I to this famous egg noodle place in Subang. I don't remember which section this was in but there was another long queue waiting outside just for a free table. We were lucky to get a table after only 5 minutes.
A full house morning! That's Kok Leong in pink! :P

Niki and I

Kok Leong ordered the curry chicken noodle which looked tantalizing! Don't you think so? I regretted not ordering the same.
Curry chicken noodles

Instead, I ordered the more conventional charsiu (BBQ pork) and wanton (prawn dumplings) with egg noodles. They tasted pretty good! Apparently the noodles were handmade and used eggs as one of the main ingredients. Best of all, the noodles kept my full for one whole day, until dinner! Must have been the protein-loaded eggs. You know what they say, eating eggs keep you filling full for a longer period. :)

Char siu (BBQ) pork noodles

Wanton noodles

Our next stop was Sunway Pyramid, since it was highly recommended by Kok Leong. It was very stylishly refurbished a few months back, and I was impressed with the new outlook. I guess in KL, you really have got to continuously improve your shopping malls to keep up with the steep competition around, which is only good news to us shoppers! :)

Newly improved Sunway Pyramid

Even the toilets are so nicely built! Look at this walkway towards the toilet. I actually took some pictures posing with this pretty wall! Of course, not without demeaning stares from passers-by. :P

Nice toilet in Sunway Pyramid

There was this corridor which sold only exotic Middle East goods, either clothes or home appliances or decorative items. It gave shoppers a unique feeling of being some place else just by walking through this lane which was so much different from the rest of the mall. Very interesting idea by Sunway Pyramid indeed.

Egyptian street in Sunway Pyramid

There was also another similar corridor on another level but with more interesting stuffs displayed. From the looks of it, most of them were Japanese Harajuku-like fashion and brightly colored decorative items, filling up the stores of this lane. This corridor would definitely catch the attention of young girls who would go crazy with all these cute and pink soft toys!

Cute street selling mostly Japanese (Harajuku) fashion at Sunway Pyramid

Finally, after walking for a couple of hours, we decided it was time to go home so that I had enough time to get ready for my dinner. But before that, I wanted to try the famous J.Co donuts which are ever so popular and the talk of the town. I could actually smell the donuts from a few floors above, that's why I thought they must have been good. Sadly, I wasn't the only who thought so... Look at the ridiculous queue formed outside of this shop!
Crazy queue at J Co Donuts!

The line was just so long that it would take me at least 30 minutes to get to my turn! And I was rushing for time! I was definitely too naive to think that I could get the donuts within minutes! This was definitely a good lesson learnt. Needless to say, I turned around disappointed and upset for not being able to try those glorious donuts. Well, at least I'll have another reason to go back to KL next time! :)


Bamboo said...

Hmmm... the egg noodles should be in SS15 lah, diagonally opposite Asia Cafe, which is near to Taylor... at least it looks like it the last time I went there which was more than a year ago... that time not really famous yet... I guess I have the skill in finding out nice food even though they are not famous back then :P

iamthewitch said...

Yes yes! You're right! SS15! Haha... looks like you have an eye for good food then! Next time must bring me to these kind of places too ok! :P

Willow said...

How's this for dazzling? You won my bead giveaway! Please email your mailing info at willow at and I'll get the package out on Tuesday!