Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fireworks and Pork Noodles in KL

During the Merdeka weekend, I went down to KL to visit Saucer and also to meet up with my family members who also coincidentally were down in KL for a holiday. I reached there on the same night the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) was held in Putrajaya. I had to beg Saucer to bring me there because he was complaining on why would we want to go there and get stuck in traffic jam. :(( Anyway, we managed to go there with the help of GPS (again! I'm loving it!) and we parked a bit further from the fireworks exhibition so that we could be the earliest to when it ended, to avoid traffic jam, you see. The fireworks were brilliant! Too bad I didn't have a good camera or else I would have taken pictures of them. The ones that I managed to take were really lousy.

I only managed to take a nice 'artsy' picture of the bridge. *LOL* Not bad considering it's from a point-and-shoot camera. :)

Putrajaya Gemilang bridge

Pretty fireworks (Source)

The next morning, we had no idea where to go for breakfast. And we did something totally random and new! Using the GPS, we searched for Food and it gave us a list of nearby restaurants and stalls. One of the names was 'Famous pork noodles' and it was only less than 2km away. So, the adventurous us followed the signs and ended up in this coffee shop (Kean Fatt, if I'm not mistaken) near SS1, PJ. At that time, it was more than 50% occupied, so we thought it should be safe to enter. I always had this rule that we shouldn't enter a restaurant if it's TOO quiet, which could mean something's not right. I know I know, not good to judge a book by its cover.

Anyway, it turned out that there was a LONG queue for the noodles and we had to wait for 30 minutes even though the coffee shop's not exactly packed. Luckily the wait was worthwhile. The soup was very tasty, and the pork was rather delicious. The only thing I didn't really like was the pork liver. *LOL* And they gave plenty of those! I guess next time it would be better to inform them not to put pork liver inside. :)

Pork and organ noodles

After breakfast, we left for Mid Valley Megamall. Did you know that during Merdeka weekend, Baskin Robbins ice-cream has 31% off for 3 whole days? That means on 29th, 30th and 31st of August! Not on 31st only. I guess not many people knew about it because the Baskin Robbins in Mid Valley was not really crowded. I still remember having to take number and wait for a long time if I were to buy ice-cream on the 31st! Oh well, luckily this time there was no queue and we had all the choices we wanted to choose from. :) And the wonderful part was, the portion given to us was huge! Look at the picture if you don't believe me. So nice of them eh? :)

Rum Raisin and Jamoca Almond ice-cream

OK I can't write longer now. I have a flight to catch soon! More updates on the SS2 PJ food court soon!


Bamboo said...

hah, the pork noodle shop in SS15 need to wait for 60 minutes... minimum! But don't know move where already :P

Vickna said...

Hi Mei Yee!
Enjoying KL again huh?!. Infact ive been to both the pork noodles restaurant and the SS2 PJ food court. Good food there...
And going to have an ice-cream now...thanks to you picture :)

cc said...

Here I have this rule of not entering those Chinese restaurants if the customers are mostly non-Chinese. Most of the time it means their cooking are mortified to tailor for the westerners' taste bud. ;)

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Is it? Next time if you remember, must let me know ok. :P

vickna: You mean you've been to this pork noodles shop (Kean Fatt) as well? I haven't tried the one in SS2 food court yet though. Haha ice-creams are ever so enticing! ;)

cc: Oh I understand what you mean. That just gives you more reason to come visit Malaysia again soon! ;)