Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farewell Class of 2008 (Part 3)

This is the last part of my farewell trilogy, which took place during our last final examination day. We were absolutely exhilarated after we handed in our papers! Anyway, we then headed to TGIF, as suggested by Allan, aptly renamed to "Thank God It's Finished!". *LOL* We reached there just barely past six, so the restaurant was still quiet.

TGIF at 6.30pm

This entry will be loaded with pictures, because I would like to have an imprint of everyone's picture in my blog, in case I forget their names in the future. :) Some of them have appeared earlier in my blog, but some are brand new faces. Starting with Melvin - soft-spoken guy from Malacca, who's working in Kulim.

witch and Melvin

Here are the guys again, Kulim gang: Manager P (Paraveen), Allan and Melvin, all of whom always went for the famous roti bakar breakfast during our lecture breaks. And end up entering the class later than they should be. :P

Manager P, Allan & Melvin

This is Thomas and his beautiful family, the guy who managed to weather it all despite becoming a new daddy. That's his cute little daughter Gwyneth, who's always with a frown. *LOL*

Thomas and family

The nice guys at Friday's drew this adorable balloon to cheer Gywneth up! Can you recognize what character it is? *wink*

Can you recognize this?

A group picture with the guys here: Giap Yong, Manager P, witch, Allan and Melvin. In case you didn't notice, my class was largely populated with the male species. But too bad most of them are attached. *LOL*

Giap Yong, Manager P, witch Allan and Melvin

This is the most important figure in our class, our monitor! I cannot imagine having a more suitable person as monitor. He's responsible, dedicated, smart and has the monitor look that demands respect from everyone! Or maybe just me. :P But I thank him for stepping up to accept the challenge of being the monitor of our class, not an easy task at all.

witch with monitor Tham

The number of guys in a picture is growing!

Another group pic

This is Jennifer, who insisted that I should take a picture with her standing up, just to illustrate how tall I am, or how ... never mind. Jennifer is one of the youngest in the class, and always the earliest to complete her assignments or tutorials. It's amazing how she could do so many things with so little time.

witch and Jennifer

A short detour to show you some random pictures of drinks. I thought they looked pretty interesting with bright red and green colours. I wonder what they tasted like though.

Colourful drinks

Oh I forgot to mention our monitor Tham always has this look of frown on him whenever he's serious. I asked him to repeat the frown in this picture but he looked so funny it's more cute than serious! *LOL*

Monitor Tham with his incessant frown

Since our party was huge, we ordered loads of food. Looking at these pictures always makes me hungry. *Argh*

Yummy chocolate cake!

Back to more pictures of people. This was taken with Mok. He's a kind and helpful guy that I didn't manage to get to know better. :)

witch with Mok

Boys invasion here! Mok, Keong Woo, Giap Yong, Melvin, Monitor Tham, Manager P and Allan.

The Guys

witch and doryfish, another picture to illustrate my height. :P

witch and doryfish

Picture with Allan again and his red face. *LOL* Manager P in the background, feeling embarrassed after the picture when he realized he wasn't supposed to be in the picture. :P

Allan and witch, with Manager P in the background :P

Here is a proper picture of Manager P and me. :) Paraveen, you still owe me lunch right? *LOL*

Manager P and witch

This is Kent, who appeared earlier in my Part 2 post. I still haven't visited him in Klang yet, and he promised to bring me to a nice bak kut teh restaurant! *drools*

Kent and witch

Another of the rare females in the class, rare because there were only 4 of us. :) This is Ying Ying, who's a very quiet person in class. :)

Ying Ying and witch

And finally, Thomas with the witch! I believe I've taken pictures with everyone who attended the dinner. Too bad Vickna couldn't make it, and also a few other guys. Well, we hope to have dinners like this more often in the future, just to catch up with everyone once in a while. :) But man, does it feel good now that it's over!

Thomas and witch


cc said...

I like TGIF! :D Sadly there's none here.

iamthewitch said...

Yea, some of TGIF's food are really good. You should come back to Malaysia to visit often! :)