Monday, September 15, 2008

Fantastic dinner at PJ SS2 food court

As promised earlier, I shall continue with my post on SS2 food. For those people living in SS2, Petaling Jaya, I'm sure this is nothing new to you. However, I believe more people should know about the wonders of good food in SS2! ;) I went to the SS2 food court the other day, also lovingly known as 'wai sek kai' to the locals, meaning the place for gluttons! The food court is a huge covered area with lots of different hawker stalls selling a myriad of different food. Saucer always told me he likes to eat there because of the immense variety available and the reasonable price, too!

That night I was craving for something hot and spicy (what's new), so I ordered the Tom Yam rice noodles from a Thai stall. The tom yam soup was very fragrant but slightly on the spicy side. Therefore, I ended up eating only a small portion of it and instead ate more of Saucer's steamed rice. *LOL*

Tom yam noodles with seafood

This was what he ordered from another stall, selling a variety of steamed rice. Each pot of rice was individually steamed with different types of pork or chicken, according to your choice. He ordered the pork in sweet sauce, which turned out pretty good. I'm just surprised why that stall was not very busy with orders. Probably it was during the weekend and most people got tired of eating rice? ;)

Steamed rice with sweet sauce pork

Apart from our staple food, we also ordered several dishes of seafood from yet another stall. The first was BBQ fish, also known as ikan bakar locally. The fish used was fresh and very meaty. Worth a try. The taste was above average as well.

Ikan bakar

From the same seafood stall, we also ordered the fried clams in dried curry, also known as kam heong la la. Oh I absolutely LOVED the sauce it was fried with! Seriously, the clams could very well be stale and I'd still love this dish because of the sauce/gravy. Very delicious and amazingly fragrant. Without a doubt, the perfect dish with plain rice. *yum yum*

Fried 'kam heong' clams (
la la)

Even though we're beyond full at this point, I spotted this Thai stall nearby selling glutinous rice with mango. I had already read about it from travel blogs before, but I never got to taste it. So, imagine my excitement when I saw this being sold at RM4! OK, I know at this point, you're going to tell me this dish is very common nowadays. *sigh* Anyway, the one that I ordered had amazingly sweet and juicy mangoes. I have this strong resentment towards sour fruits, and I was heaving a sigh of relief when the mangoes were far from being sour. I urge you to try this out from the SS2 food court! I believe there shouldn't be many Thai stalls in the food court, so you would be able to easily spot it! :)

Glutinous rice with mango

After dinner, we walked around the shops in SS2, until we spotted this cute shop called 100 Yen. Just outside 100 Yen, there's a small stall called Charmy Snow Ice selling snowy-like desserts. Saucer told me he likes going there for the snowy dessert. He insisted I should try it as well, because it's very different from the normal snowy we found from other stalls. I reluctantly agreed, even though I was on the verge of bursting. :( Anyway, while he ordered, I noticed this stall sold many household items at the cheap price of RM4.90 only. Gorgeous! Should come and have a look some time. We chose the Peanut Snowy from the Charmy Snow Ice shop and the main difference I noticed was the texture of the ice. The ice was shaven very thin and it melted almost immediately once it came in contact with my tongue. The peanuts and chocolate syrup used were fragrant and came in a generous portion as well. For RM4.90, I'd say it's definitely worth the price. :)

Peanut Snow Ice from 100 Yen

There you have it, the list of food from SS2 recommended by the witch herself! ;)


MisSmall said...

The mango with glutinous rice looks SO good!

And how come everyone else seems to take great food pictures except me? :/

Bamboo said...

Sigh... actually I never tried glutinous rice with mango before too... Penang got kah?

cc said...

Ahhhh, those delicious food in SS2, I still remember them fondly. LOL
Stayed in Damansara for a year long time ago.

iamdoryfish said...

I remember someone telling me new world park has glutinous rice with mango. Maybe you can check it out.
I want to try the peanut snow ice from 100 Yen!

Plazzy said...

Ok the glut rice with mango is something new and weird for me.

I would wanna try it...the rice looks delicious! yum

iamthewitch said...

missmall: Yes *drooling* You take decent pictures yourself, my dear :)

bamboo: Well as dory claimed, there's one in New World Park, but I have doubts in New World Park food. :P Gave me diarrhea once.

cc: Oh yes, definitely food haven there eh? Everything within walking distance.

iamdoryfish: Hehe Yea, too bad we don't have 100 Yen shop in Penang!

iamthewitch said...

plazzy: Yea, it's something new for me too. That's why I had to order it even though I was already full! *LOL* I'll let you know if I find similar ones in Penang. :)