Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"No eye deer" where to go?

Have you ever been in a dilemma when deciding where to eat? I know I have, and I suppose this occurs to most girls as well. We'll most probably come up with phrases like "Don't know", "Whatever", "Anything", "No idea", "Up to you", etc. Well the good news is, there's really a place called "No idea", except that it's spelled "No eye deer", a homonym. :) It's still better than having no place to go at all, don't you think so? I had the opportunity to frequent this place with my fellow sickawans a couple of weeks ago, just before Stan left Penang. *sob*

This place is located in Tanjung Bungah, just opposite the Island Plaza shopping mall. The main reason they chose this place was because of the cheap beer! RM35 for 5 bottles of Tiger. Cheap? I don't drink beer, so I wouldn't know what's the market price for it.

No Eye Deer

The restaurant is located on the first floor, and has a rather small dining area. I suppose it is not catered to large gatherings, but rather, to small groups of friends or family enjoying the night with loads of beer. *LOL* Of course, this place also serves food in addition to beer. I would say the food is a mixture of American and German cuisine. (Think steaks, lamb chops and sausages)


Since I don't drink beer, I ordered the Mango Lassi, which was quite good. While the rest of my friends were enjoying their second bottles of Tiger, I was out of drinks so I ordered a second drink of mango + yogurt + something. So now you know, I love mango. ;) And my friends were so keen on getting me to drink beer that they poured some into my mango drink while I was in the washroom! Luckily my sharp senses and sensitive tongue managed to catch it. Hence, girls, there you have it... A classic example of never leaving your drinks unattended. Not everyone has sensitive tongues like me, so be very careful. *cough*cough*

Mango lassi

Here is one out of the ten bottles of Tiger beer that they ordered.

Tiger beer

We had french fries as appetizer, partly because we're starving and partlybecause they went very well with beer, I heard. Anyway, the fries here were amazing! They're freshly fried, crispy and juicy. You know how some fries ended up to be crispy and hard inside? That's the result of too much frying and re-frying. But these were not like that. I could still taste the moist of potatoes within the fries. Pretty well done. Can't say so about the sauce though... It's a weird watery sauce which I didn't really like. Well, to me, fries should always go with chili sauce and chili sauce only. :)

Piping hot fries

Since there were 4 of us, we ordered the huge sized mixed-grill-like dish. It was given a fancy name in the menu, but I don't remember it now. *shy* Anyway, it had a mixture of lamb sausages, chicken wings, chicken kebabs, black pepper lamb chop and BBQ lamb chop. Each variety came in 4 pieces! Just right for the 4 gluttons there. :P This dish was priced at RM68, if I'm not mistaken, so if you have a party of 4, it's just RM17 each for a plate of wholesome awesome mixed grill. The lamb sausages were splendid! And everyone agreed. Chicken wings were chicken wings, nothing to complain or shout about. I liked the kebab too, well-marinated. The lamb chops were pretty good as well, and I liked the fact that they didn't use fatty lamb. :) Overall, slightly above average for the mixed grill, and definitely above average for the fries! ;)

Mixed grill

After dinner, we stayed around and crapped with each other as usual. This is Stan looking bored. *LOL*

Stan looking bored

Apparently chiaoju was still not full after the wholesome awesome mixed grill :P so we ordered a second helping of fries (which I didn't mind!). We also ordered a plate of calamari rings, while we're at it. The fries were wonderful, as expected.

Fries were so good we ordered a second helping

But the calamari rings were a total opposite. They fell flat on their faces, metaphorically. The flour that was used for frying was too much and you'd know it when you take a bite into the crispy shell to be met with sticky flour inside. *yuck* I ended up removing the outer crispy layer and only eating the calamari inside. Definitely not recommended. Just go for the fries next time.

Calamari rings

Before we know it, it was nearly 10pm and it was time to go. Working the next day, you see. *sigh* Not before we asked the kind owner to help us take a group picture of us though! I didn't drink the beer I was holding OK. :P Happy smiles!!!

Group picture: witch, chiaoju, Stan, Yen

Address: 98-1-26 Prima Tanjung (opposite Island Plaza)
Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Penang.
Tel: (04)-899 0488
Fax: (04)-899 3488


zewt said...

what a name....

those wings looks... oily!

chiaoju said...

Note to self chiaoju. Pls don't have ur heels hanging of your feet like that anymore. It's...errr...ugly.

Btw, the lamb sausage is lovely. :)

cc said...

The name is so catchy! :D

iamthewitch said...

zewt: Yeah! Funny name right... Wings were just so-so... :)

chiaoju: hahaha I didn't notice your heels until you wrote that :P Yes, lamb sausages!!

cc: Very creative. :)

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