Monday, September 8, 2008

Things I did over the weekend

What I did over the weekend:

Friday night:
  • Watched HK series (War of In-Laws II) for 10 whole episodes! Non-stop. That's more than 400 minutes, which is more than 6 hours, and I ended up sleeping at 4am. *yawn* Vowed to self never to watch another series at least for the next few weeks.
  • Woke up at 12.30pm! What did you expect? I had to get my 8-hour beauty sleep, no less :P Went for lunch and followed by grocery shopping. I managed to get my favourite mushroom cocktail sausages from Ayamas. Yum! They're PERFECT with instant noodles! Bought milk and fruits as well. :) Oh I grabbed the latest Cleo magazine from the book store, too.
  • Reached home by 4.30pm and read my magazine. Cleo is running a full coverage on their Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame, where they review a range of beauty products and give ratings as well. I am currently using Dermalogica products and they NEVER have any reviews of them. *frowns*
  • Suzie the neighbour came to visit me, for the first time! We spent hours chatting and gossiping, and ended up going for dinner. If you didn't know, Penang was gifted with rain the WHOLE of last Saturday. That's right, from the moment I woke up at 12.30pm right til the moment I slept at night. Where did all the rain come from? Anyway, we went for Bak kut teh dinner, which was splendid for a chilly night. :)
  • After dinner, we went back to our separate homes to freshen up, promising to meet again after our showers. *LOL* Suzie came again later on and we had a marathon of HK series (again!). Oh no! What happened to my vow of not touching HK series for the next few weeks? *gasp*
  • Woke up at 9am and did my weekly house chores of sweeping and mopping the floor. Got ready for breakfast.
  • Had the Coffee Bean breakfast set because Paddington House of Pancakes was not open yet at 10.30am! Wanted to have pancakes for breakfast initially. Anyway, the salmon foccacia was just as good, if not better. :)
  • Since it was still early for my hair appointment, I went to Borders to look at books. Ended up buying two books: Marley & Me by John Grogan, and Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks. *excited*
messageMarley and Me

  • Went for a haircut in Theatre hair salon, Queensbay Mall, out of a recommendation from a friend. Well, it was more of a trim because no one noticed any difference after the cut. :( It only cost RM33, together with a hairwash! I thought it was a steal, since the cut was done by the manager himself. :) However, I started to change my mind when no one noticed any difference with my hair.
  • Had lunch in Dragon-I. I ate the Sichuan La Mian as usual, but this time I found the soup a tad too oily. Note to self: Never order that anymore. It's safer to stick to the claypot chicken rice there. :)
  • Went back at 3pm and managed to make 4 more bracelets! :) Weather was still cold with the prolonged rain, just right to settle down with a book. So I started to read Marley & Me, and continued for a couple of hours. It's indeed a great read. :) Occasionally sad but always giving me a warm feeling nonetheless. It must be the dog. Marley is the dog, if you didn't know yet.
  • Dinner time came and I had dinner at a place nearby. After which I went home and watched a DVD lent to me by a friend.
  • "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" sucks! I am so glad that I didn't watch it in the cinema. I am really disappointed with it, and Adam Sandler as well. :( I have always loved him, but this movie did very well to take away all his brownie points. Oh well, I guess there should always be movies as crappy as these to make you treasure the good ones. :)
Well, that's it! My weekend just passed by rather eventfully. Looking forward to the next one already, because it's going to be the Mooncake Festival weekend! Mooncakes, anyone? ;)


Bamboo said...

Good to know that someone is starting the beginner's course on tv series marathon... if you need any tips, you can ask your senior... me! :P

chiaoju said...

MARLEY AND ME! It's one of my all time favorite now... YAY! Message in a Bottle is nice as well. Though I think there are other Nicholas Spark's book that are better. I'm reading Cecelia Ahern's new book, Thanks for the Memories. So far so good... :) You should get that as well. :)

cc said...

I'm using Dermalogica too. They're not exactly mainstream so there's hardly any reviews around, but they're certainly good. I love the multivitamin power recovery masque.

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Haha.. Yes, I'm still amateur, LOOOONG way to go and many more sleepless nights before I can be senior :P

chiaoju: Yeah, I read that Marley & Me is going to be made into a movie soon so I thought I should read it before that :)

cc: Oh yea! They're good... But the facials are expensive though. :/