Saturday, September 27, 2008

The next big thing

Have you heard of Gladiator shoes/sandals? I have read about them in several magazines early this month and saw various reviews in the internet... and I LOVE THEM! I always have a thing with stripes and when I saw them first in Cleo magazine this month, I knew I absolutely had to get them. In fact, during my recent trips to KL, I was hunting for them high and low, but to no avail. *sigh* I saw one pair in Nichii boutique that was very close to what I wanted, but they were out of my size. *double sigh*

In my desperate attempt to own them, I searched from the internet and saw some fabulous designs!

1) This is the classic one, albeit a little low on the stripes. I think they will be comfortable and great for walking long distances (note: shopping). *LOL*


2) I love these! Bohemian fringe gladiator sandals. Wear these with hot pants or short skirt and you're ready to paint the town red. Please, anyone tell me where are these sold? The ones I found from the internet do not ship internationally to Malaysia. *triple sigh*


3) Another pair of gladiator sandals with stripes that go all the way to your calves. They look like boots, with a tinge of a twist. I think they're gorgeous, although I believe you would get quite an attention if you're wearing them in Malaysia. At least for now. *LOL*


4) Ahh... Vintage gold and white sandals, gladiator style. Very stylish and elegant.
I think they're definitely the next best thing in shoe fashion. It's just that Malaysia is still rather slow to be caught up with the trends, and those few that are catching up, don't have enough stock! I hope more shops will start selling these shoes soon, and I'll be their biggest customer. *evil laugh* If anyone ever sees gladiator sandals in Malaysia, please let me know! I'm their biggest fan! :)


Bamboo said...

OMG! It's gonna to take forever to put those shoes on!!!

Yin Hoon said...

Ya, do they come with zips at the back or do you have to fasten and unfasten all the buckles everytime?

iamdoryfish said...

:P Not alot of ppl in Malaysia dare to try new things. Including me..hahaha, gladiator sandals? no no no

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: The long ones definitely have zips at the back! :P

yin hoon: Most of the long ones have zips but the shorter ones maybe not. :P I suppose getting the ones with zips are more practical. *LOL*

iamdoryfish: Why not?!! It's nice one!! :)

soo sean said...

They only look nice on long legs. :(

Deluxcious Doll said...

i sells gladiators =D and i ship to penang =D

iamthewitch said...

soo sean: Well the petite ones can wear the shorter straps! I'm sure they'll look great as well :))

Deluxcious Doll: really?!!! OK let me go check it out. :)