Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Curve and Cupcake Chic

It was a Saturday, just a day before Saucer's birthday. The sweet me flew down to KL just to celebrate his birthday with him, at the same time forgoing the Mooncake celebration back home. Anyway, I did not regret the decision, because we both had a great time during that weekend. It was at night when I suddenly craved for SS2 food court steamed rice. This time, yet again, the stall was rather quiet. My order came barely 5 minutes after placing the order. I found the steamed rice with sweet pork to be pretty good, but why was there no one ordering from this stall? Did I miss something? :P

Steamed rice with sweet sauce pork

Saucer ordered the unhealthy, albeit deliciously tempting char kuey teow, which was fried flat noodles with egg and sometimes prawns. I'm now salivating just by looking at the picture below. However, eating this means extra 5 rounds of jogging after that. *no thanks* The oil and the fat content must be sky high.

Char kuey teow (Fried flat noodles)

I also ordered the sea coconut dessert soup, which was wonderful! There were lots of sea coconut inside, unlike some shops which only give countable number of pieces with very diluted soup.

Sea coconut dessert

After dinner, it was still early so I chose to go to The Curve. It was around Raya celebrations and the whole place was decorated with many bright blue lights and yellow stars. A nice backdrop for pictures! ;)

witch at The Curve

Also, the flea market was brightly lit at night, giving it a very happening environment. It would have been perfect if the weather was cooler. In this Malaysian hot and humid weather, walking outdoors even at night would result in perspiration, especially in crowded places like this.

The Curve flea market

After walking around for a while, we decided to find a place to have a drink. At first I opted to go to Cupcake Chic, because Saucer had not tried them before. Seeing that we just had dinner not too long ago, we were still full so I wanted to buy just 1 cupcake to take away. Take away was because the interior of Cupcake Chic wasn't air-conditioned. It was really stuffy even while standing inside when I placed my order. The rude waitress replied by saying that they would not give me a box or even a paper bag if I only bought 1 piece. She would only give me a piece of serviette to hold the cupcake with. I would have to buy at least 2 cupcakes to get proper box. In the end, I gave in and I was forced to buy another one just to get the box! I found that a little unreasonable and very tricky. Each cupcake cost RM4.50, which wasn't cheap. So, we took the cupcakes and went to a nearby Gloria Jeans cafe. The cafe was very quiet and best of all, it had comfortable couches and cool air conditioners.

Gloria Jeans fruit blended drink

After settling down, we proceeded with our cupcakes. This was the very prestigious box that you could only get if you purchased TWO cupcakes. Not ONE, but TWO.

The prestigious Cupcake Chic takeaway box

We chose the Rum Raisin and Forget Me Not (Lavender flavour) flavoured cupcakes. After trying them both, we reached a verdict unanimously: TOO SWEET. Seriously, they were EXTREMELY sweet, so much so that the sugar content inside must have been more than that in a can of Coke. And I don't drink Coke. Argh... Plus the sad part was, we didn't even finish the cupcakes! We had to scrape off the top icing to salvage the cupcakes beneath, but even so we wasted a big half of the cupcake. It was definitely not a nice experience, which was made worse with the fact that I was FORCED to purchase TWO pieces just to get the box. One thing for sure, Cupcake Chic can say goodbye to me forever.

Cupcake chic: Rum Raisin and Forget Me Not

We left The Curve at around 11pm, when the party at the pubs/clubs outside just began. I suppose I am now too old to party! :P Anyway, by the time we reached home and freshened ourselves, it was nearly midnight, which meant Saucer's birthday! The smart me chose to buy only 1 piece of the layered cake from Food Foundry, knowing that we would be too full to finish off a whole cake, plus Saucer did not have a fridge at his place. This cake was SO MUCH BETTER than the cupcakes from Cupcake Chic! Best of all, we both finished it! :) Yum!

Food foundry layer cake


MisSmall said...

Your picture is gonna bring back my addiction to char kuey teow, gal! I ate them everyday for nearly 2 weeks before I stopped, and now I crave for it again. :/

Happy (belated) birthday to Saucer! :)

iamthewitch said...

missmall: Wow! How could you eat the same thing everyday for 2 weeks, I will never know. LOL! And thanks for the wish, dear!