Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uncle Seng's noodles

A few months ago, my friend Kok Leong brought me to a noodle shop in SS15 which I couldn't recall the name of. I was in KL again about a month ago and I had to bring Saucer there to try it. But I didn't know how to go or what the shop name was, so I googled it up with the keyword 'homemade noodles in Subang'. Another few minutes of clicking and I managed to get the address! Of course, I wasn't so smart to know where the place was by just looking at the address. Thank God for the GPS, I could go anywhere that has a proper landmark, especially in KL. :) This place is called Uncle Seng Fresh Own Made Noodles. It's located somewhere in SS15, nearby Asia Cafe. During weekend mornings, it's quite difficult to get a table without having to wait. Thankfully, most patrons would just come to eat and leave soon after. Luckily for us, we managed to get a table right after we entered the shop, no queues in line!

Uncle Seng homemade noodles

Saucer ordered the noodles with a mixture of braised chicken leg, BBQ pork and mushrooms. The noodles itself doesn't look special at all. In fact, anyone looking at the noodles would be thinking that the noodles look plain and tasteless. However, the texture of the noodles is very different from other noodles. It's soft and smooth and filling!

Noodles with chicken leg and BBQ pork

I ordered the curry chicken noodles. Yum! There are two ways to eat the noodles to make you end up wanting more. One way would be to eat it together with the curry from the curry chicken. Make sure you mix the noodles well with the curry and you would end up with the perfect match of noodles with delicious curry. Therefore, never worry that the noodles look plain.

Curry chicken noodles

Second way would be to eat with this bottle of homemade chili sauce. I only learnt about this during my first trip there previously. I saw a few tables with customers pouring this special chili sauce all over their noodles! I mean, pouring liberally until the whole plate of noodles was flooded with this sauce. At first, I thought the sight was gross. But I told this to Saucer and he tried it out himself! *LOL* It turned out that the chili sauce was really not that spicy, and it went very well with the noodles! Really! No doubt, the noodles ended up looking like Spaghetti bolognese but the taste was brilliant! Now I know why there were so many people doing the same, and the restaurant owners kept having to change the chili bottles with fresh ones.

Famous chili sauce

There are many other dishes sold at this place, such as noodles with wantan (shrimp dumplings), with roasted pork, with mushroom, etc. The price was pretty reasonable as well, from RM4.90 a plate. I would definitely visit this place again, if not for the noodles, it would be for the chili sauce!

Restoran Uncle Seng
No.68 Jalan SS15/4B,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
Closed on Monday
Operation Hour: 8am – 4pm


CY said...

come on.. this is bad.. reading your blog always remind me of food in M'sia.

I'd really have to get a list from you when I'm back.

MisSmall said...

Wow, the noodles look so good in your picture that I feel like I can taste them in my mouth! I'm not a big fan of plain noodles, but these look fantastic!

iamthewitch said...

cy: Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to try out everything when you're back! :)

missmall: Aww dearie, that's so sweet of you. Anyway since you're still around in Malaysia you should try them out before you leave! :)

Anonymous said...

Must try Uncle Seng Chicken feet, it is DAMN good!!!