Sunday, October 12, 2008

Which sandwich is better?

I was in KL last month to visit Saucer during his birthday. I remember there was one day when we decided to be healthy and opt for healthy meals. In the end, we decided to go for sandwiches! I guess sandwiches are pretty good for diet-watchers eh? That is, as long as you opt for low-carb bread or at least whole meal bread. Since we were in 1 Utama, we stumbled upon a shop called O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars.

O'Briens sandwich bar

It was 3pm and the place was pretty deserted. We had second thoughts of going in, but I remember a friend telling me about O'Briens before so we ended up giving it a try.

I also found out that O'Briens provided free drinking water for the customers. I think this is a great advantage for people who just want to drink plain water. I know of some restaurants who charged ridiculously (RM2) for just water. I think it doesn't make sense! Providing free water is the least that the restaurants could do to ensure that customers like me are happy. :)

Notice the jug on water next to the basin?

O'Briens complimentary sky juice

There was a huge variety in the menu, but we opted for the O'Briens Chicken Tripledecker sandwich. Also, I noticed there were several types of bread you could choose, either white bread, whole meal bread or focaccia. However, choosing focaccia required an additional RM1 top-up. I agreed but I guess the person who prepared the sandwich and the cashier did not calibrate because I ended up paying the same price as the original sandwich. :P

O'Briens Chicken Tripledecker in Focaccia

Do you see the 3 decks as noted in the name (tripledecker)? Apparently it should have coleslaw, chicken crisps, lettuce and onions.

Close up of chicken tripledecker

The sandwich was pretty good! I did not regret entering this place after all. However, I noticed that most patrons ordered the normal wholemeal bread instead of focaccia. The bread was cut nicely into small triangular sandwiches which looked really cute! Next time I must try the normal ones. :)

O'Briens in 1 Utama was situated on the LG floor and was connected to a mini garden outside. I was surprised to see this garden too because LG is usually the basement of a building, with no sunlight. But this place was done differently, giving me a reason to camwhore. :P

witch at 1 Utama

As mentioned in my post title, there was another sandwich place that I went to the next day, for comparison. This next place was recommended to be by Kok Leong. He was telling me how the sandwiches were as good as, if not better than O'Briens, at half the price. Seeing how enthusiastic he was, Saucer and I decided to give it a try. It was none other than JJ's Super Sandwiches in 1 Utama.

Saucer feeling happy after his class

They had two different set meals available:
Set 1:
  • Choice of sandwich
  • Large glass of fruit juice
  • French fries

Set 2:
  • Choice of sandwich
  • Large glass of fruit juice
  • Bowl of fruits

As tempted as we were by the french fries, we had to remind ourselves to be healthy. OK, maybe I was the only one who was tempted and Saucer forced me to choose the healthier set. *sweats* Both sets cost RM13 each, and the healthy set looked like this:

Super Sandwich 02
Healthy set meal (Source)

We chose the turkey ham sandwich and asked for them to toast it.

Turkey ham sandwich

It has a combination of lettuce, tomatoes and turkey ham.

Close up of turkey ham sandwich

Well if you ask me, the price of JJ's sandwich was indeed cheaper. In fact, the O'Briens Tripledecker cost as much as the price of a set in JJ's. That means with the same price, you can get an extra bowl of fruits and a large glass of fruit juice in JJ's, too. However, the sandwich size and taste from JJ's is still a far cry from O'Briens, in my humble opinion. :) JJ's sandwiches were not bad, but they lack of originality. I mean, looking at the sandwich, it's just something you can easily make at home! Nothing special to it. Maybe that's why, I think O'Briens is better. What do you think?


MisSmall said...

I'd pick O'Briens over JJ's too. Is it me or does the juice at JJ's taste a little watered down?

Tychi said...

I agree with missmall

iamthewitch said...

missmall: Yea, I'm with you regarding the juice.

tychi: Welcome! :)