Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Farewell my friend

It was 28th of September, 2008. A group of us gathered to meet at Chili's G Hotel to bid farewell to our dear friend, mentor, coursemate, teacher, Vickna. Personally, I only got to know Vickna better during the last 2 semesters of my masters degree. Previously, we were just coursemates who happened to sit in the same class. But was I glad that we got to know each other better! He's what most people would refer to as Teacher. Smart and patient, I really think he's perfect to be a lecturer or tutor. To me, Vickna is the epitome of the perfect son as well. He's filial, homey and respectful, at the same time holding on to his own principles and goals. I could tell that he wanted to be with his family long time ago, but he had to put the plans on hold due to our studies. Now that the classes are all over, it was high time for him to perform his duties as the loyal son. All the reasons which led to his farewell from Pearl of the Orient that is Penang.

By now, he would have been working down south, closer to his home and his dear family. I would like to use this opportunity to dedicate this post to him, for being a good mentor especially during examination times, and for being a great friend too. I'm sure before long, you'd be on your way to having your own family. *winks* I wish you all the best in everything that you do, and may your new job and new life bring you more happiness than ever before!

We went to Chili's for a final 'makan' with Vickna, starting with the bottomless tostada chips. This appetizer is perfect for a big group of people looking to spend the night chatting away while having something to munch, simply because the chips taste great and are unlimited!

Tostada chips

Some pictures before our dinner was served.

dory and witch

Manager P and Allan, next time you guys leave, I'll dedicate a post to each of you also. :P

Manager P and Allan

Goodbye Vickna!

Vickna and witch

Our dinner that night:

1) Grilled lamb shoulder

Lamb shoulder

2) Chicken Monterey - pretty good

Chicken Monterey

3) Firecracker dory fish - ordered by dory herself! Haha.. Feeding on your own kind, dory! That's cannibalism. :P

Firecracker Dory fish eaten by dory herself :P

Finally a group picture before we called it a night.

Group picture - (clockwise from left) Vickna, witch, dory, Manager P and Allan

It was a night of great food, great company and wonderful chips! Do let us know whenever you visit Penang again next time, ok! :)


kcat said...

food looks great!

iamdoryfish said...

i didn't know the fish was dory fish =_=". It was not stated in the menu also.