Thursday, October 2, 2008

Korean House BBQ restaurant

I have to blog about this because this is by far Saucer's favourite eating place since he went to SS2. At least once a week, I'd hear him raving about this restaurant, about how good the food is, how amazing the kimchi soup is, how reasonable the price, etc... This place is located at SS2, PJ and looks rather gloomy from the outside. However, I don't think you'd miss it with its big striking red signboard.

Korean House Restaurant in SS2

I was there finally with him, and during weekdays, Korean House has the special set meal menu which costs RM19.90 only. The set contains:
  • main course of either chicken, pork or beef
  • 7 side dishes, rice/porridge
  • kimchi/wheat soup
  • red dates plus ginseng tea
  • normal Korean tea (free flow)

Even though the portion of each side dish was not big, but the sheer variety more than made up for the lack of quantity. Once we entered, we would be served with either cold or hot Korean tea. Then only would we be presented with the menu. Remember to ask for the weekday special set menu if you go there during weekdays. The normal price for similar set above would cost about RM28 or so on weekends.

Glasses Korean tea

Of course, being in a Korean restaurant means you should not miss out on the Korean BBQ. Just a note here, Korean House does not serve BBQ set if there is just one order from the table. Therefore, if you want to savour BBQ meat, you'll have to get your partner to at least order another set as well. The reason they gave was that they needed to use as much charcoal to BBQ one set as compared to 2 sets. I suppose they want to minimize the cost? Anyway, that was not a problem for us because our intention was to order BBQ sets anyway.

Here is the flaming red hot charcoal on the BBQ pit.

BBQ pit with hot charcoal

We ordered a set of pork and another of beef meat. The kind waiters helped us to grill the meat while we happily munched away with the side dishes. Both meat were very well marinated, when you take a bite inside, you could feel the juices oozing out. It went perfectly with the lettuce provided or just plain rice. No wonder Saucer loves this place. *LOL* I think the beef was slightly better than the pork, considering that it was more tender.

BBQ beef and pork

Here are the 7 side dishes that were served. There were mashed potato, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, kangkung, agar-agar (I wonder what it was doing there too), omelette, sweet potatoes, baby corn and lettuce. Honestly, apart from the kimchi vege and pickled cucumber, the rest were just so-so. The mashed potatoes were not even properly mashed and was tasteless. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, the main star was the BBQ meat and the kimchi soup. I forgot to take pictures of the kimchi soup! *sigh*

Set meal side dishes

I would definitely go back to this place again just to have the BBQ beef. And the set is more than enough to fill up one stomach, really. Very worth the price. :)

Korean House Restaurant
185, Jalan SS2/24
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel. no. : 03-7873 0031


CY said...

I don't know if you are aware of it, but most Korean restaurants offer bottomless side dishes. :)

BTW, Happy Bday to you!!!!!

Yin Hoon said...

Happy birthday!

TNH said...

For those bbq pork do look tasty..but for korean food,i really don't like reason for that

iamthewitch said...

cy: Yes I know that Korean side dishes are bottomless. :) And thank you! :)

yin hoon: Thanks dear!

tnh: I see, must try BBQ beef though :)

zewt said...

there's actually one above klinik mediveron in hartamas which is really really good and the price is reasonable...

iamthewitch said...

zewt: Really? What's the name of the place? I should take note and ask Saucer to go with me next time :)