Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are you ready to be kissed?

I'm sure most of you have heard of our very own famous travel blogger, Nicolekiss. The first time I met her in person, we had an extremely nice dinner in Bangsar, together with fabulous wines. Now, if you didn't know yet, Nicolekiss is famous for posing in pictures with a kissing pout. In fact, most of the time, she would ask her readers/friends to take pictures with her doing the "Nicolekiss pose". If you didn't have chance to be 'kissed' by Nicolekiss yet, fear not, because she's making her kisses widely available in her newly launched nicolekissboutique! Her range of products all involve kisses, as you can see from below.

Nicolekiss' Range of Products
1. Baby Pout
2. The Love House
3. Kiss Me Down Under
4. Sweet Kisses
5. Like a Virgin
6. Oh-So-Cute
7. That First Date
8. Just a Peck
9. Elegance

Well, I do admit, some of the names are rather provocative, i.e. Kiss Me Down Under, but well, I am still curious to know what kind of products she's going to sell here. *winks* Anyway, the main specialty of her boutique, I would say, would be the Sweet Kisses range.

"Sweet Kisses
Pamper yourself with Sweet Kisses. From delicate earrings to quirky necklaces, frost yourself with this classy collection of jewelries. You'll find your life more interesting with sweet kisses. ;)"

Look at some of the pretty things I've found from Sweet Kisses:

Black Golden Kiss

Very elegant piece of necklace which is easily matched with either a sexy top or a sleeveless dress. I think many share the same opinion with me because the white colour version is sold out and now there's only the red colour left!

Got Wheel?

That's another piece of jewelry I thought was pretty. Look at the amount of diamantes on the wheel! Very bling and shiny. Besides, which girl doesn't like diamonds eh? :)

Apart from Sweet Kisses, another range that I am attracted to is The Love House: "Create your dream home with your loved ones with Nicolekiss' Love House collection. Items of The Love House are decorated or scented candles, candle sconces, modern crockery, exquisite cutlery, couple pillows, love mugs and etc. Have that intimate love life you've always wanted".

Now, you can send real tangible love to your loved ones as gifts. Isn't it oh-so-cute? I know I wouldn't want to burn the candle off though. *LOL*

LHC0003_ side view
Lots of love from witch!

Finally, there's this cute pair of Dada bears with the word Love across their chests. These are perfect for couples to decorate their rooms, as a reminder of their love for each other.

Dada bears

If you do not agree with my comments on the above products, do check out the site to judge for yourself. The prices are all very reasonable and the best part of it? Free Delivery for ALL items to Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore!!! How often do you find such a great deal online? Better grab the offer before it's over! :)


MisSmall said...

I'm actually tempted to buy the crown pendant and use it as a charm instead. :D

iamthewitch said...

hehe that's very creative of you! :)

Nicocoa said...

buy buy buy!