Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeling ticklish at Happy Feet

Ever since the advent of fish spa earlier this year, many fish spas have mushroomed even in the small island of Penang. Even as of now, there are two spas in Queensbay Mall, one in Gurney Plaza and one more in New World Park. I suppose the hype was really strong back then, until many people are trying to make money by starting the business. Personally, I am someone who wouldn't spend money for fish to feed on my dead skin. Up till this point, I still do not understand why is it that the prey (our dead skin in this context) should PAY for the predator (fish) to eat the prey?

Anyway, there was one weekend that I was feeling depressed and upset, and my friend suggested to go to fish spa for a relaxation session. Immediately I told him no, but he insisted that it was fun. Plus, he had a discount voucher to be used, and because I wasn't the one who's paying I gave in at the end. :P

Happy Feet at New World Park

We went to the Happy Feet fish spa in New World Park, Penang on a Saturday. Needless to say, weekends are popular for family getaways to do something as a group. The same applied to Happy Feet, because the place was more than half occupied with kids and parents alike during our visit. There was a transparent glass at the side of the pool to display the fish feeding on the dead skin.

Aquarium of fish and legs

After paying, we were shown to an area to remove our shoes and socks, then we walked barefooted.

Remove and keep shoes

After that, we were given a towel each before we're asked to rinse our feet outside. This was sensible because you wouldn't want dirty feet to contaminate the pool and end up killing the fish!

Washing feet

Each pool had either a cushion or a seat for the patrons to relax while being tickled by fish.

Seats by the pool

I had phobia during the first 10 minutes before dipping me feet in the pool. In fact, I think I still have this phobia! I took 10 minutes to dip my right leg in first, after which when the first fish came over to nibble, I took my leg off again. *LOL* I don't know but it was really too ticklish for me to handle! After a few minutes, I started to put in both legs, but when the first fish nibbled, my reflex took over and I kicked the fish away! Gosh! Can you imagine what the other people in the pool were thinking? Silly girl, kicking away the fish when all they wanted was more fish to attacked their dead skins.

Too ticklish

Look at me, it was really too much for me to handle. I couldn't even contain my laughter all the time I was there. And I had to use a towel to smother myself lest I looked like a mad girl.

Towel to the rescue

I realized that as long as I didn't look at those fish, I wouldn't feel that bad, so I asked me friend to take pictures of my feet whenever I felt many of them were surrounding.

A dip in the pool

Oohhh Look at my left heel! My skin must be extremely yummy there because all the fish seemed to crowd at that location. :P Eeewww ... gross!

Crowded by fish

Focus changing to the right foot now...

Right foot buffet

And tadaa! Every one was there nibbling on my right foot.

Geli to the max

At the end of it, I calmed myself down to take this picture. Overall, I guess it's an enjoyable experience although the effect might not be optimized for me, a.k.a. someone who kicks fish away. I don't think I would ever wanna subject myself to such ticklish moments anymore. *LOL*

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jc said...

hhaha i was hoping to see a picture of your legs hit rock bottom even when u are seated hahahaha :P

MisSmall said...

Now that's something I still can't bring myself to try out. More for hygienic reason, I can't imagine something nibbling on someone else's feet before it nibbles on mine. Yeah, I'm a freak like that. Haha. Also, I can't have nobody touching my feet, I think I'll be jumping up and down like you did too. Haha.

Bamboo said...

hmmm... it seems that there are not much fish yah... but the setting seems nice... try Kenko next time... got tons of fish there... i think you reacted better than me lah... me and my friend's laughter drowned the whole shop when we went to Kenko

chiaoju said...

oh that poor poor fish! MEIYEE!

well...come to think of it, I might have kicked the fish myself should I try this. I get extremely ticklish when it comes to my feet!!

iamthewitch said...

jc: Haha... What! You think I'm a giraffe is it? :P

missmall: I understand what you mean. I guess I won't go to fish spas again too, too ticklish for me!

bamboo: Actually I think the fish amount is quite large, just that they got kicked away by my fidgety feet. I don't think I wanna try Kenko, I couldn't bear to stand the feeling. Haha...

chiaoju: Haha.. You should try it chiaoju! I'd like to see how well you could stand the ticklish feeling... *LOL*

Anonymous said...

You look really beautiful laughing hard while the fish nibble on your feet. Tickling brings out the beauty of your smile.