Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Italiannies and cheap books!

Last month, I went to visit Saucer again in KL, only to find out that the same weekend coincided with the MPH warehouse sales! What's more, the warehouse sales location was extremely near to where Saucer stays, so we decided to pay it a visit first thing on Saturday morning. However, our 'morning' was actually past 11am, considering it's the weekend. :P By the time we were there, the whole stretch of road leading to the warehouse was parked with cars left and right. As expected, we saw crowds and crowds of people carrying big boxes of their selected books. I did not miss out too, and I bought some books at extremely big discounts!

MPH books

The cheapest book from my loot was the Da Vinci Code, fully illustrated version by Dan Brown. Guess how much it was? Only RM10! OMG! I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. I just had to buy it. :) The book by Jodi Picoult only cost RM15, while John Grisham's and Nicholas Sparks' novels cost RM20 each. During our visit, the Hitz.fm cruisers came over to the warehouse entrance to give out goodies. Of course, these goodies did not come for free. One would have to either answer simple questions or play simple games to get the goodies, and I managed to get an MPH book from the game. The free book would be 'You Said What', which is at the top of the book pile in the picture. I have yet to read the book but it looks pretty interesting judging from the summary at the back.

After MPH, we went for lunch, before we headed to The Curve for movie. I was in the mood for pasta that night, so I asked Saucer to bring me to the Italian restaurant nearby, called Italiannies. I have heard a lot about how Italiannies serves extremely big portions of food, enough to feed two persons if you order just one plate. Therefore, to be on the safe side, we only ordered one portion of each from the appetizer, main course and dessert.

Italiannies at The Curve

First of all, we're served with complimentary bread and olive oil while waiting for your orders to arrive. There were two pieces of white bread and two pieces with wholemeal grains. Nothing special about these, but I was grateful because I was starving by the time we reached Italiannies. Having to eat bread before our orders came was a blessing to my poor stomach. :)

Complimentary bread

Happy witch!

Our appetizer would be the minestrone soup, which was Saucer's favourite. They had two sizes for the soup, either a cup or a bowl. The size of a bowl was enough to feed at least 4 persons!

Minestrone soup

Then, I chose the seafood marinara pasta with tomato base sauce. I'm telling you, the picture that I took below definitely did not do justice to its sheer size! The plate was huge and deep and it was full of pasta, it scared me! Since we were sharing the pasta, we were given individual plates for our own servings.. and I actually had 3 servings from the big plate. I believe Saucer had 4! And the serving size I took was probably 3/4 of a normal size you would find in an Italian restaurant.

Seafood marinara with angel hair

The bottom line is, I almost choked myself with pasta, or too much of it! *LOL* Anyway, size aside, the taste was pretty awesome, especially if you like tomatoes. Of course, the amount of seafood was probably not proportional to the pasta size, but they were still delicious and fresh. I was grateful that we did not order another main course or we would have stuffed ourselves to death. Joking!

Unfinished pasta

Finally, Saucer kept pestering me to try the Cappuccino pie because he tried it before and loved it! It looked like a piece of cake but it's actually 2 layers of vanilla and coffee-flavoured ice-cream. The presentation was also cute, although there was a little bit of distortion with the smiley face. :) The size was big, and I believe one person would not be able to finish the whole serving. However, I must say this was the perfect end for a glorious dinner! I'm definitely going back there again when I visit KL the next time.

Dessert with a smiley face!

Italiannies at The Curve
The Street,
The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara.


soo sean said...

Really big portion! It was in my list when I went KL early of the month, but I didn't pick it. I am scared that I won't be able to finish the food. Plan to go in group of 4.

Little Jennifer said...

omg, i miss italianies so much **sob**sob** i hv no chance to eat ...>.< sigh...

zewt said...

i just threw away a whole load of books... shouldve gave them away eh?

J2Kfm said...

the four of us ordered 4 main dishes. and tried to go for desserts. but somewhere in the middle ... the risotto sat half-plate untouched.

if it's meant to be shared, it's MEANT to be shared. :)

the desserts are good though.

iamthewitch said...

soo sean: Yes, it would be great to go with more people, so that you can try more food! :)

Little Jennifer: Aww... no worries, I'm sure you'll visit KL again soon! :)

zewt: What!!! Of course you shouldn't have thrown them away! Donate them or give them to me! :P

J2Kfm: Oh yea you're right... Italiannies food is meant to be shared indeed. Oh but I can be selfish when it comes to desserts though... hehe