Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twisted neck

It was Saturday morning when I woke up, only to realize that I couldn't turn my head around without causing immense pain. I tried to tilt my head up and it was painful. I tried to turn left but I could barely achieve 10 degrees. I could only turn right or tilt my head down. It was really a bad day for me to get a twisted neck because I had plans with my friends to spend a day at the beach and sightseeing in Penang. *sigh*

When we were at the Batu Feringghi beach, I thought of trying out a neck and back massage, hoping to soothe my pain. During the massage itself, it was comforting, probably because of the ointment used which was minty, and it distracted my mind away from the pain underneath. However, an hour later after the massage, the same old pain crept back. I guess the massage provided only a short relief.

And the worst thing was I woke up the next morning, feeling more sore than before! Now I could barely turn my head +/-10 degrees on ALL directions, up, down, left or right. And it's miserable. *sob* I am really wondering whether the massage actually aggravated my neck pain or whether I made it worse by sleeping on the wrong angle again. I miss my flexibility! *sob*


Bamboo said...

ah... an ergonomically designed pillow vs. a normal, available in night market pillow.. :P

soo sean said...

I thought you have a memory foam pillow?

Yin Hoon said...

Poor girl... do you feel better now?

iamthewitch said...

Bamboo: Mine is not a night market pillow ok! :P

soo sean: Yeah, I have the memory pillow, but I slept on the wrong side of it. My head was rested on the part where it's supposed to support my neck, so I ended up sleeping at a higher part of the pillow, if you know what I mean. :P

Yin Hoon: I'm feeling better now, but still not completely painless. :(