Saturday, November 29, 2008

Noodles and cakes

Chiaoju and I planned to meet up for dinner one fine day, but we were out of ideas where to go. In the end, we decided to visit a relatively new restaurant in E-Gate called Noodle Station, simply because it's situated in the middle of both our homes and we had not tried it before. The place was rather empty when we reached there at 6.30pm on a weekday. Well, the good thing was we could sit anywhere we wanted without having to wait. :)

Noodle Station at E-gate

The environment in Noodle Station was chic and quiet, perfect for friends to catch up or for business deals.


The menu available was rather extensive and it took us quite a while to figure out what to order. Frankly, their menu dishes all revolved around their signature springy noodles. So, it's either dry noodles or soup noodles, noodles with fish balls, noodles with wan tan, etc etc. As for me, I always have the tendency to order spicy soup, I still do not know why. Perhaps they look more appetizing? Anyway, I ordered the Spicy Trio Wantan Noodle Soup, which had a combination of crabsticks, fishballs, fried wantans and prawns. The soup was moderately spicy, and I liked that they did not scrimp on the toppings. There were plenty of prawns, wantans and fish balls within the noodles. However, I did not quite like the springy noodles' texture. It's different from the normal wan tan noodles that are found in hawker stalls, and stiffer. Perhaps it's an acquired taste?

Spicy Trio Wantan Noodle Soup

Chiaoju ordered dried garlic noodles with fried wantan and fish balls. I liked the aroma of the garlic with the noodles. Even though the noodles looked plain, the taste was pretty good. Of course, the noodles used were of the same type as above.

Wantan Noodle With Fried Chicken Dumpling

Apart from noodles, we also ordered the Honey BBQ chicken wings. The chicken wings were well-marinated with a thick layer of honey but I thought they were overcooked. Some parts of the chicken were burnt!

Chicken wings

After dinner, we stayed to talk for a bit more before we headed for, guess what? Dessert! *cheers*

Chiaoju and witch

Kind Chiaoju had this birthday voucher from Starbucks, which included a glass of coffee and a free slice of cake of choice. Since Starbucks was just a few doors away, we proceeded to go there and chose our cakes! I chose the chocolate and cappuccino cake (can't remember the name) while Chiaoju highly recommended the Apple Crumble.

Starbucks cake

And after tasting the apple crumble, I totally agreed with her! The exterior of the cake was hot from the re-heat, and the crust just crumbled in my mouth. Blend it with the baked apple and warm gravy inside, and I just reached heaven. Yum! Another piece, please? :)

Apple crumble


chiaoju said...

apple crumble is absolutely lovely to the max... MAX! hahaha... let's go have it again k? =)

iamthewitch said...

Definitely, let's!

Tom Mayer said...

girls, you are so young and pretty. The greatest wedding indeed! Beautiful pics.