Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cookout session

About a month ago, Bamboo and I planned to have a cookout session whereby we could 'show off' our cooking skills. Apparently his legendary honey chicken was to die for. Since both of us did not have a proper kitchen, we kindly asked for dory's kitchen to be used as the competition ground. Haha... I was just joking! It was not really a competition, more like a potluck session where each of us cooked a dish for dinner.

So Bamboo started with his chicken, posing with it before he began cooking.

Bamboo with his chicken

Apparently, he had marinated the chicken well before he came over to dory's place, complete with massage even! Without further ago, bamboo started frying the chicken as the first step.

Fried chicken

Thank god for the suction hood, or else the whole kitchen would be filled with smoke and oil! Anyway, now that the first step was done, he proceeded with the cooking of the sauce. Did you know that the 'honey' used in the honey chicken was not honey at all??? I only found out during that cooking session that the fake honey could be cooked by using soy sauce, salt and sugar! Just continue cooking under small flame until it thickens and it'd look just like honey itself! Brilliant eh?

Bamboo cooking

Tadaa! Look at the final product! I bet you wouldn't know it's not honey if I didn't tell you. The taste was very similar too, of course the sweetness depends on the cook himself. :)

Honey chicken

As for me dish, I planned to cook pork chops, using pork fillet. I bought the pork fillet from the nearby wet market in the morning, so the meat was fresh! Onions and garlic were used for the sauce of the pork chops.

Pork fillet, onions and garlic

Firstly, the pork fillet was chopped with the blunt side of the knife, to soften the meat. The pork fillet was then marinated with salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce and some sugar, for 30 minutes. Then, they're cooked under medium heat, because you wouldn't want to burn the outer layer of the pork while undercooking the inner part. I thought the stir-frying of the pork was the most tedious job because it's extremely time consuming.

Witch cooking!

After somewhat forever, the pork chops were finally ready! They're fried to perfection with a tinge of golden brown. Furthermore, you could see that only a minimal amount of oil was used, so it would not be too fattening. :)

Pork chops

The sauce of the pork chops was cooked simply with some mixed beans and onions with seasoning of salt, sugar and a little oyster sauce.

Gravy for pork chop

Last but not least, dory was in charge of cooking the mushrooms, which could be completed in less than 15 minutes!

Dory's mushrooms

And at last! Our complete home-cooked meal, after 2 hours of preparation. Needless to say, everything tasted great! And we wiped all the dishes clean! Are you salivating yet? :P

Complete meal!

Dory had some leftover ice-cream cake from the day before and we had that as our dessert. Yum!

Ice-cream cake for dessert

Enjoyed cooking with you guys. Hope to have more similar sessions in the future! ;) By the way, Bamboo has yet to show us his B-grade dish. Apparently the honey chicken was only good enough to be D-grade. :P


Bamboo said...

Ish... B-grade dishes are too troublesome to make... not to mention expensive... since you're all already smacking your lips with a D-grade dish, I see no point in upgrading the dishes :P

CY said...

wow.. sharing of recipes eh...
what about that induction cooker chicken dish that u tried not to burn the other day? end up in the bin? :P

MisSmall said...

Ooo..I've always thought they use real honey. But hey, the honey chicken sure looked succulent! I'm drooling over the soup too. I have a weak spot for soups, all kind of it. :D

consequence said...

Bamboo, you look, err, overly nourished.

Always me and my big mouth. Hahahahahaha.

Bamboo said...

consequence: The Witch caught me at a bad angle... that's all... and I'm sure she photoshopped to add a few pounds to me :P. Now working hard to be "under nourished" by depriving myself of food and attempting to get sick.

iamthewitch said...

Bamboo: Well, you should be thankful to have good friends like us who are willing to be subjected to your cooking. :P Who else would be so kind to be your guinea pigs right? :P

CY: Oohh the chicken turned out great. I'll share the pictures with you all soon. :)

MisSmall: Hehe.. Yea the honey looks really real. Oh, soups are nice huh? And easy to prepare too! Just dump everything inside the slow cooker. :P

consequence: Hahaha... Hi 5!

iamdoryfish said...

Eh, you never mentioned about my chicken soup with peanuts! :( *sob* *sob*