Thursday, April 16, 2009

All about Bak Kut Teh

Sometimes when the weather is rainy or on the cold side, I would crave longingly for a pot of hot bak kut teh. On one such day, when I was in PJ, I asked Saucer where to get bak kut teh, and we did some blog-hopping and found this place right in SS2 itself. It was just so near Saucer's place so we decided to give it a try. It was already almost 8.30pm when we reached, and we were the only customers that time. Not good. I don't mean to judge a book by its cover, but I couldn't help it!

We were served with Chinese crullers (yau char kwai) not long after we ordered.

Chinese crullers (yau char kwai)

There were also plenty of chilli, garlic and soy sauce on each table. Pretty much a paradise for garlic-lover like Saucer.

Chilli and garlic

Since we were the only customers there, our order arrived shortly - steaming claypot of bak kut teh for 2 persons. The soup was slightly clear, just like a Teo Chew style soup, and there were lots of meat inside. I actually asked for an extra portion of bean curd skin or 'foo chok' but they turned out to the the raw type instead of the fried type. Confused? You'll know what I mean if you continue reading. :) Anyway, the soup here was slightly bland and the meat was also tasteless.


Worst of all, the foo chok was not what I expected! Wasted my money. The cost of the whole meal with two white rice was about RM23 or 24. Definitely not cheap either. Saucer and I vowed never to visit this place anymore in the future. No wonder it was so quiet.

Steaming hot

Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh
26, 28 Jalan SS2/66,
47300 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 03-7875 2025

Now, since my craving for foo chok was not entirely satisfied, we searched around again for bak kut teh (BKT) and managed to find this place near Subang Airport. This place was rather far and out of the way, but since it was a Saturday morning, we figured we didn't mind the drive. It took us at least 30 minutes to reach there with GPS' help. Now that I know it's just so near the Subang airport, I think we could have reached there faster if we had taken the airport route.

Anyway, we reached this Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh place around 11am and the place was fully-packed! Now that is what I call as a good BKT place. *judgemental* We ordered a BKT pot for 1 person and an extra pot of foo chok. Look at how big the portion was, even for one person! It was just nice for the 2 of us. Plenty of pork meat and ribs, as well as spare parts! Most amazingly, the soup was very delicious and flavourful! I could keep drinking the soup without getting tired of it.

Fatty pork!

And they served the foo chok that I wanted! Deep fried foo chok, immersed in bubbling hot BKT soup - heavenly is the word! The pot of foo chok was so much that we had quite a hard time finishing them. *LOL*

Bubbling hot bean curd skins (foo chok)

Did I mention the soup was amazing? It went very well with rice, and the foo chok! Both Saucer and I loved the BKT here. It was also cheaper compared to the one in SS2. Only RM19 for everything including 2 bowls of rice. I would definitely visit this place again in the future.

Heavenly foo chok

Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh
Lot 653 & 655
Jalan Subang
Bukit Cherakah Subang
Shah Alam
Tel: 019-261 5303


J2Kfm said...

you really like foo chok in ur BKT eh? many places omit them, and i certainly dont mind though.

but most serve those wet type of foo chok.

foodbin said...

i noticed some pig's tail in the BKT too. this place is good.

foongpc said...

That's why whenever I see a restaurant/dining place with no people, I will not enter. Cos if the food is good, there will be a crowd or at least some customers inside : )

Btw, do drop by my blog and join in the Guess This Song contest : )

iamthewitch said...

J2Kfm: Oh I love foo chuk! But only the fried type, not the raw type. :)

foodbin: You mean in the second shop right? It's really good :)

foongpc: Yea, call us judgemental, but I think it's a good gauge to how nice a restaurant's food is. :) I went to your blog and listened already. Couldn't guess what song it is!