Monday, April 13, 2009

Edelweiss = noble + white

A few weeks ago, Stan was in Penang and asked for a dinner with the 4 sickawans. It was a weekday but I was more than happy to have a simple reunion with my good friends. After much deliberation, we decided to go to Edelweiss Swiss Restaurant for dinner. Since it was a weeknight, the restaurant was pretty quiet. Even the road outside the restaurant was dark and bordered on creepy. I told myself I wouldn't dare to go to this place on my own. It was just too eerie and all other shops on the same road were closed.

Edelweiss restaurant

The entrance of Edelweiss was nicely decorated with plants and colourful lights, so if you're on the correct street (Lebuh Armenian), you wouldn't miss this place.


I loved the interior of Edelweiss. The decorations gave a rustic charm that was somewhat comforting after walking past the deserted and dark road outside. It sort of gave us a warm welcoming feeling with a certain coziness.


The place was very neat and was decorated with many giant clocks!


Old-fashioned lights

Like this big old-fashioned grandfather's clock that was just situated next to a dining table. If our party were smaller, I would have opted to sit right next to it! *LOL*

Huge grandfather's clock

We started with the order of our drinks. Even though it claimed itself as a Swiss restaurant, I couldn't help but notice a hint of German influence in their food, such as the presence of Pork knuckles, pork belly and also the famous German Paulaner beer. Both Yen and Stan ordered the beer and we were treated to quite an interesting presentation from the waitress herself when she poured a whole bottle of beer nicely into a tall glass, with perfection and style. She even made a 360 degree turn at the end of it, just before the last drop!

Pouring beer with a style

As for me, no surprise that I would order boring fruit juice. I ordered the carrot juice, which was freshly squeezed and without sugar. It was naturally sweet. :)

Fresh carrot juice

Look at Yen admiring his beer. Perhaps he's meditating? Or praying that his glass would never go empty? *LOL*

Yen meditating with his beer

And here's how he looked like when he's done with praying. Very happy and all smiles!

Another shot of overly enthusiastic Yen

Before long, our food arrived! My order was the BBQ pork ribs, which was recommended by the waitress there. It was very aromatic and huge in portion! The gravy was absolutely delicious, and the meat very tender. However, I think it would have been much better if they were to marinate the meat a little longer, because the inner part of the ribs was rather bland. Only the outer layer was tasty and juicy.

BBQ pork ribs

Then there was Yen's poached salmon. I know the presentation was a bit boring, and the fish looked very boring as well, but Yen's feedback was the fish was fresh and delicious. Although the portion was not that big, for him that is!

Poached salmon

As for Stan, he likes to order the most unhealthy dish there is to order every time, and without surprise, he chose the Smoked Pork Belly! Look at the layer of fats on the pork! It came with some pasta and two pieces of sausage as well. I have to say the sausage was amazing! I couldn't figure out what sausage it was, perhaps lamb? And the pork belly was done just right. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of fatty meat, Stan cut me a piece and forced me to chew everything down, and I have to admit, it was not half as bad. :) There was no strong pork smell, and the fatty meat actually went very well with the lean pork meat. Of course, one piece was more than enough for me. :P This dish would have been more suitable for pork belly lovers. :)

Smoked pork belly

Last but not least, we ordered the Apple pie dessert, which came with one scoop of Movenpick ice-cream. The pie would have been nicer if it was served warm. But the ice-cream was heavenly! Ending a meal on a sweet tooth always puts a smile on my face. :)

Apple pie with ice-cream

After finishing our meal, I walked around the restaurant taking pictures, since there were no other customers around. The bar was lovely with the many types of liquors and glasses lining up nicely on the wall.

The bar

And I even spotted something hilarious! On the way to the toilet at the back, I noticed this display on top of a cupboard!

Funny toilet

It even came with its own caption:
Sorry this toilet is "taken"
Pull string gently until the end to verify the above
More toilets around the corner

Before we called it a night, the kind waitress offered to take some group pictures for us. Look at how Yen's face had turned to be as red as a tomato!

Say cheese!

I always look forward to small dinner gatherings like this with my very good and close friends. There is another post coming up on another dinner too! At a seafood restaurant. :)

Overall, the food in Edelweiss fared above average based on our humble standards. We also liked the fact that it's quiet and has the traditional, antique feeling when we entered this place. I definitely would not mind visiting it again in the future!

Group picture

Edelweiss Cafe
38, Armenian Street,
Georgetown, Penang.
Telephone : 04-2618935
Closed on Monday,
Open Tuesday to Friday : 12 noon to 3.00 pm and 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Saturday : 12 noon to 10.00 pm
Sunday : 12 noon to 7.00 pm only


Borneo Falcon said...

Like the beer. Will try to visit this place in my next visit to Penang

chiaoju said...

despite the fattiness in the smoked pork belly, i must say... it is most heavenly. hahaha...

khengsiong said...

Nice settings. Reminds me of Jonker Street in Melaka.

BTW, what camera/lens did you use to shoot the pictures?

J2Kfm said...

oh this .. read bout this from many blogs, and tempted to go, but somehow no idea where Armenian Street is.

pork belly looks sinful!

oh Stan! i know him as well. haha ...

ck lam said...

Did not expect you to take a bite of the smoked pork belly. It is indeed heavenly, right? ...haha

iamthewitch said...

Borneo Falcon: You should! :) I heard the beer was nice too.

chiaoju: Haha, I know what you mean! But very guilty after eating it ler :P

khengsiong: Yea the settings look like those old shop houses in Melaka eh? I used the Panasonic LX3. :)

J2Kfm: Well if you happen to be in Penang, I'll bring you there! It's some where near Penang road I guess. Worst case, can refer to Google maps. :) You know Stan? What a small world!

ck lam: Haha I didn't expect to take a bite either, was forced! But it was really good. :)

jc said...

haaha witch, i loved the shot of me "praying" for the beer :p feel like having a pint now :p and no i was not as red as a tomato :p

foongpc said...

The food looks good! Oh, that display on top of the cupboard is interesting! : )

iamthewitch said...

jc: Yes! I love that pic of yours too. Very serene and engrossed with beer! :P

foongpc: Very creative huh? It took me a while to understand the caption actually. *LOL*