Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am addicted!

Oh my gosh! Lately, I've been playing this game on Facebook almost all day long! It's called Restaurant City, and it's fun! Many of my friends are playing it as well and we're getting competitive baby! If you haven't played Restaurant City before, you should!

Restaurant City game

It actually starts with you having 2 employees and a few tables and chairs in a small restaurant. Once you start playing, people will visit your restaurant and your cook and waiter would serve them. Each plate food costs $2 and 1.0 gourmet point. The gourmet point actually defines when you can get a level up. I don't remember the exact levels, but with each level up, you get to have either a larger restaurant space (to serve more customers) or an extra employee. Both are actually very useful in gaining popularity because if you serve more customers, you will get more thumbs-up, and eventually more money and gourmet points.

However, the trick here is that the employees will only have a certain level of energy to operate your restaurant. Apparently, 100% energy would last up to 3 hours. With lower energy level, their speed becomes slower and you will get more customers' complaints. There are a few types of complaints that you could get from a customer:
  • No available seats
  • Table is not cleared
  • Service too slow
When any of the three items above occurs, you will get a thumbs-down, which reduces the popularity points, resulting in less customers to frequent your restaurant. Therefore, it is very important to strike the perfect balance between serving the most number of customers without delaying the speed of service. After a while, you start to get a hang of it and experience with various layout plans. Oh, did I mention that you can even go to the streets and visit your friends' restaurants? Whenever you visit a new friend, you get a free ingredient, which can be used for your menu.

Speaking of ingredients, there are three category of food that you can serve namely Starters, Main and Desserts. Each category has a long list of dishes available such as Mushroom soup or Chicken and Leek soup for starters, Simple Mango Pudding or Sundae for desserts and so on.

Ingredients for Simple Mango Pudding

But, in order to cook these dishes, you need specific ingredients. Once you successfully collect all the ingredients required (such as Milk, Mango and Lime for Mango pudding - gosh, I can memorize the ingredients!), you will gain Level 1 for that particular dish. Even the dishes have levels! So in order go get to Level 2 for that dish, you need to collect another round of the same ingredients. Of course, collecting ingredients is not really that easy. There are a few ways to do this:
  • Free new ingredient with daily login
  • Bonus free ingredient if you can answer a food quiz correctly daily
  • Free ingredient with every visit to a new restaurant owner
  • Trade ingredients with other owners to get what you want
With higher level of dishes, you get higher gourmet points. For example, a Level 1 dish would gain 1.0 gourmet point, whereas a Level 2 dish would gain 1.2 gourmet point and so on. Higher gourmet points, as I mentioned earlier, would get us to the next level at a faster speed.

Finally, what do you do with the money, you ask? Well there are plenty of ways to spend the money, so much so that I'm always left broke! I did something wrong in the beginning of the game actually. It is advisable to keep the money at first to buy chairs and tables to fit more customers. However, the silly and noob me bought a new door, new signboard and new windows in the beginning of the game that I was left with no money to buy furniture. Tables and chairs are very important if you want to serve more customers to get to the next level!

When you still have extra money, you could decorate your restaurant with different floor tiles, wallpaper, tables, chairs, stoves as well as decorative items like jukebox or fountains. Externally, you could also change the outlook of the restaurant by changing the roof, the walls, the doors or the windows. Those with more money could even buy decorative items or plants to decorate the exterior. Some of my friends have really grand restaurants that make my restaurant look like plain Jane. Fear not! I shall chase them soon. *evil laugh*

I am currently only at Level 7. :( Very slow progress, but steady. Try this game. It's really addictive! :)


Hai Seong said...

kiddy la you, if you play 12 years old game, what the kids should play with?

chiaoju said...

i see my name!

foongpc said...

That's interesting! But I don't think I've got the time to play the game! : (

Yin Hoon said...

Reminds me of some of the games I played when I was young... Tetris, Mario Brothers..... there was also a game where I was a waitress serving pizza... customers got angry if the service was slow and there was a bottle-throwing performer.... got my head broken sometimes :p ... not as high-tech as your game though :p

[SK] said...

haha, looks a bit kiddish but i think it should be quite fun since it could get you addicted.. :p

Ling said...

Haha... this Restaurant City reminds me of the Diner Dash series, which I was once hopelessly addicted to. Shall check out RC someday...

iamthewitch said...

Hai Seong: It's not kiddy! If you play I'm sure you'll be addicted too :P

chiaoju: Haha I hired you as my waiter! :))

foongpc: It doesn't take a lot of time. You just need to start the account and let it roll. :P

Yin Hoon: Hehe, yea those old-time games huh? This is more fun. Faster register and try! :)

[SK]: Do not look down on this game :P Many of my friends are hopelessly addicted now. LOL

Ling: Yea I heard someone mentioning Diner Dash too. You should try it one day. It's addictive :)

amei79 said...

a game similiar to "Diner Dash"?

iamthewitch said...

amei79: I haven't played Diner Dash before, but you're not the first person to say that it's similar. So perhaps it is. :)

Irenelim said...

Sounds really interesting... so when can I patronize your restaurant? I wanna try... cheezey crabs? Got ah? :)