Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comfort food

*sigh* There are a million and one things that I should be doing right now, but I chose to blog! I miss writing and expressing myself to the inanimate object that is my laptop. There are just times when one can feel so depressed and forlorn that nothing could help except, perhaps comfort food. I'm not sure about you but I definitely do turn to food for comfort at times of despair.

Have you ever tried these gems called Amicelli from Dove? Truth to be told, I have never even heard of this brand before Saucer bought this for me months ago from the airport. And I instantly fell in love with it! It bears slight resemblance to Kinder Bueno but I prefer this because it's less sweet and hence, less fattening! :P

Amicelli from Dove

Then, there is the unmistakable Tim Tam chocolate biscuits that my mom bought from Australia. I've seen the huge Arnott's factory in Sydney before and I had no idea they produce such wonderful tasting cookies! Yes, so I am ignorant. But these are brilliant to pick up my mood, I tell you. I read from somewhere saying that the TimTam that you get from local supermarkets are not as nice as the original ones from Australia? I'm not too sure about that, since I never had the chance to compare. (I still have one brand new packet from Australia waiting to be opened!)

Since we're talking about cookies, I simply MUST urge all of you to try out our local Muzic. Anyone who knows me will know that I'm absolutely crazy over this. They look very normal from the external packaging but once you take a bite of it, you will never want to stop. The way the chocolate filling in between all those wafer layers melts in your mouth, and how the crispy wafers tease your taste buds... I had to feed on them during my stressed examination days! They're my hero! *heart*
Muzic chocolate wafers

This is another cookie that I enjoy eating but don't get the chance to eat much, simply because it's costly! :P And it comes it rather huge packets, such that I can't finish the cookies fast enough before they turn soft. But they were good while they last. Extremely good, I should say. But fattening... all those chocolate chips... I only eat this when I'm really really down, so that I know it's worth my pounds! :P
Famous Amos

I got addicted to Oreo once during my university times, when I was watching Sex and the City practically every day. There was once particular episode where Carrie and some girl were on the bed, talking their hearts out and they were both eating a HUGE bag of Oreos! I mean, really HUGE bag, and they looked so tempting! I almost had to rush out and buy a packet for myself, I tell you. But Oreos are wonderful! And they're more wonderful when McDonald's smartly blend them with ice-cream! Ooohh.. that's another of my comfort food for sure! *drools*

When I talk about ice-cream, how could I forget about Cornetto? It basically grew up with me. When I was a small kid, my dad used to make me happy with Cornetto. In fact, it was almost like a default that when we tapao ice-creams for my brothers, it would be Cornetto without asking. Cornetto made me happy ever since a kid. And now, it still does the magic. Girls and ice-creams... need I say more?


Of course, I must not forget the wonderful creation called doughnuts. I agree, not everyone makes it great but Krispy Kreme does know what its doing! I only tried Krispy Kreme once before and I totally dug it. It's really saddening that we don't have Krispy Kreme in Malaysia. *sigh* Please, someone, open a Krispy Kreme here, in Penang especially! I'll be your biggest fan, promise! :))
Krispy kreme

Finally, who can forget chips?? Let me introduce you to this amazing brand of chips called Bika. You must choose Tapioca chips because the rest of the Bika range is just mediocre. Tapioca chips, however, just seem to have its own certain charm that I cannot resist. It's my favourite companion when I watch movies or soaps at home. Oh, and I still remember eating these when I was staying in the hostel back during my uni times. These were the only chips that were decent from the mini market and my roommate and I always took turns buying these when we were watching The O.C.! Sadly, these chips are not widely available though, at least not in Jusco or Tesco stores in Penang. I could only find them in random shops or mini markets when I'm lucky and Saucer would tell you how crazily enthusiastic I'd become when I find these, as if I found treasure. *LOL*


Well, talking about food definitely stirred my appetite, which is not good especially at 10 o'clock at night. What is your comfort food?


cupnsaucer said...

i love what you love too !! **wink**

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Amicelli. Is it available in KL?

You left buttery mashed potatoes out of the comfort food list! :D

ndrutan said...

Amicelli from Dove looks like a dildo of a negro. :)

iamthewitch said...

sammy: oohh butter and potatoes! very comforting indeed... :P

ndrutan: OMG! That didn't even remotely cross my mind okay... Now you've made it obscene :( How am I going to finish the rest of the dildos? :PP

Bamboo said...

I still love Famous Amos the best. And once I left it after the seal was open for 5 days and it's still is crunchy albiet softer than before, but it's still the best!!!

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Yes yes they're marvellous cookies! I wish those heavenly chips wouldn't add inches to my waist though.. :P Don't you?? hehe