Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The little girl in me =)

As a continuation to my previous Genting trip post, this is what happened on the second day of my stay. After more than 2 decades of being in this world, I was trying to unleash the little girl in me, not! *LOL* On a serious note, I was REALLY getting excited and hyped up about going to the Genting Theme Park since my last visit a couple of years ago.
To the theme park, to the theme park

I've always enjoyed going there once in every 1 or 2 years because they'd have new rides available by then. Not that I'd be daring enough to go for all the rides though.. age is catching up on me, it really is.. *sigh* That's why I needed to redeem myself this time and see whether I could outdo myself and let the little child in me to rule for once! :) Oh speaking of which, this reminds me of something that happened in the Casino. Yes, I was there and there was a lady guard who asked me for my ID! Hahaha... Imagine how happy I was! It could only mean that I looked younger than 21 years old! *gloats*

OK, back to the Theme Park adventure... So I was there in Genting Theme Park on a Friday morning. Thankfully the crowd was not that bad, so I did not have to queue up for a long time for all the rides. In fact, some of the rides did not have a queue at all! :)
Welcome to the Theme Park!

I love taking pictures in this theme park, everything looks so beautiful and colourful! It makes me smile just looking at the pictures now. :) The first ride that I came across was this spinning wheel thingy. I have ALWAYS ridden this whenever I was a kid, however, I really did not feel like riding it on that day. I vaguely remember feeling dizzy and my stomach queasy during the last time I sat in it. I really did not need to feel that way at the beginning of day, with my stomach full from breakfast! So, moving on!
Spinning ride

Then, there's definitely the classic Merry-Go-Round that one cannot miss in a theme park! Doesn't it look pretty? I absolutely enjoy looking at the kids having fun and giving wide smiles for riding on fake horses that go round and round. :)

Ooh I just LOVE taking pictures of sweet-looking shops that look like they come out from fairy tales! Did I mention how colourful everything in the theme park is? :)
Pretty candy shop

So many rides, so little time

There's also the spinning rocket thingy for kids. Why must everything just go in circles??
Kids having fun here

Cute Market Place! Exactly what I would imagine it to be if I live in a fairy tale! :)
Another fairy tale shop! I LOVE!

Then I came across this beautiful waterfall in the midst of cute shops and fun rides. Just looking at it brought bliss to my soul.
Picturesque waterfall in the midst of cute shops and colourful rides

There's the old-fashioned way for kids to have fun, which is none other than on the playground. I remember I used to beg my parents to let me play in playgrounds when I was young. I couldn't get enough of the slide and especially the see-saw! I was always asking my brother to play see-saw with me, until he got tired of it! Nowadays, the kids are so high-tech already. They don't even want to play on stationary slides anymore. They prefer to hop on rides that go in circles. :P

The first ride that I went to was the Go Kart, simply because I have never tried it before! During all of my visits to the theme park previously, the Go Kart always, always had an amazingly long queue. It wouldn't make much sense to spend a few hours waiting for my turn and to waste the opportunity to try out other rides, right? Hence, I always passed the chance to go-kart. Anyway, since I was there early, there were just a few persons lining up before me. Yes, this is it, I told myself gleefully. :)
Fun Kart in Genting

Well the experience was not bad, though I would have preferred it more if the kart could go faster. :P The next ride that I went for was the Matahari, also known as the Ferris Wheel. Yes I know, I told you, age is catching up on me. :P I guess I just needed more time for my stomach to settle down and for me to get warmed up to all the rides.
Matahari aka Ferris' Wheel

The view from the top of the Ferris' Wheel was gorgeous! Although it was a wee bit scary because the wind was strong and the little 'basket' I was in swayed! *gasp*

View from the Matahari

Now that I was all warmed up, I moved on to a slightly more challenging ride, which was called a Cyclone. It's the smallest and the first ever roller coaster ever built in the theme park. Yes, it looks really trivial and not scary from the picture, but the first droop of this ride is very sharp! I almost felt my heart popping out when it slid down at the first ever fall. Almost 90 degrees, mind you! And it's more scary than the Corkscrew, which I'm going to show you next.

This is Corkscrew, which is named so because of the corkscrew-like structure visibly shown. If you look at this track, there's no sharp drop from the top. In fact, the slopes are all pretty gradual and the scary part is probably the corkscrew structure, where you get turned around 360 degrees. That is why I still think this ride is less scary than the Cyclone. :P

After that, I walked around because my stomach was a LITTLE bit upset. Only to chance upon this river which was filled with lots and lots of carp! Really a sight to behold!
Lots of carp!

And there's also a make-believe dinosaur land, which has artificial structures of dinosaurs scattered all over.
Dinosaur land

I also went on the boat ride that went around the dinosaur land. It was a peaceful and relaxing ride, located at the top of hills. Hence, it was very quiet and far away from the many screams coming from down below. :)
Peaceful boat ride

There was another ride that caught my attention! The classic cup ride has now been modified into Ribena cups! So cute, aren't they? I have never sit in a cup ride before, simply because I thought it was really silly to just spin around and make yourself dizzy. But this time, the cups were just too adorable to miss out! So I hopped on and boy did I regret it when my head started spinning as well! *LOL*
Ribena tea cup!

Now, let me present to you the ride that I have not yet conquered so far! The SpaceShot of Genting Theme Park. I never managed to summon enough courage to try this ride, simply because the screams of those people in it would just scare me off! Sigh... I saw an old lady trying it out before, and I felt ashamed of myself. :(
Scary Spaceshot

There was one more ride that I went on, but I didn't manage to take the picture because I was feeling too dizzy. It was the Pirate Ship, whereby the huge ship just swings from left to right repeatedly. Boy, that was the killer for me! It really made my stomach all upset and I was THIS close to vomiting on the ship itself. Thank goodness I managed to withhold my vomit and rushed down from the ship as soon as it stopped. I didn't even manage to look at the pictures that they captured on the screen. :( Well, if you must know, I did not vomit in the end, but I felt uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Anyhow, I still love being in the happy environment of the theme park, where the only sound you can hear is sound of happy screams and laughter! One can really cheer up being around happy people, don't you think? :)
I love being here!


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