Friday, April 4, 2008

Perak's Unique Seafood Restaurant

Now I know you might be wondering what's unique about this seafood restaurant in Perak, but it's really nothing unique except that it's NAME is called Unique. Haha, lame right? Well, my mother found out about this restaurant from her colleagues some time ago and we decided to go there to celebrate my brother's birthday. It is located in Tambun, rather near the only Giant hypermarket in Ipoh and it's just next to Rum Jungle. I'm sure for those who like clubbing in Ipoh, Rum Jungle is a place all too familiar. :)

We reached the place at night and it was drizzling, only to be welcomed with a HUGE collection of live seafood in numerous aquariums!

Myriad of seafood!

This place has so many types of seafood, even some that I have never even heard of before. I suppose if you name it, they'll have it! :)

Boston Lobster

Look at this, Mexico Geoduck?? Sounds so weird and certainly doesn't look very nice too... I know I wouldn't eat this.

Geoduck?? Geli...


The good thing about this place is that everything is fresh of the water, even this gigantic oyster.


And this humongous spider crab! Definitely scary...

Huge spider crab

Now come to the cooked dishes. Not all the dishes are very nicely cooked, but there are definitely several which are commendable. The clams, for instance, are too strongly flavoured with garlic, something I don't really fancy that much.


The prawns are fresh and juicy, so they're well worth the money.

Succulent prawns

Then there's this amazing offer which was displayed at that time, fresh fish ("kam foong yue" in Cantonese - what's that in English?) for only TEN ringgit!!! Can you imagine? Where can you get such cheap fish that tastes so good as well?

RM10 fish

Then there's the common lemon chicken which never fails to tempt me. Crispy chicken skin on the outside, coupled with slightly sour and sweet lemon sauce. Keyword here is that the chicken must still be crispy when served or else it would have lost its charm.

Lemon chicken

Of course, any visits to the seafood restaurant wouldn't be complete with savouring their crabs! The crabs here are rather huge but not so fleshy, although their gravy goes VERY well with rice!

The star of the night was of course, FRESH ABALONE! It's the largest that I've ever eaten and it's also very fresh and chewy. I loved it!


Close up

Finally, we had this homemade beancurd cooked in claypot style. Beancurd can never go wrong with me. It has all the wonderful protein nutrition and it's soft and smooth to the bite. Simply marvellous. :)


The restaurant manager also presented us with a complimentary plate of fruits at the end of our meal. What more can we ask for? Fully satiated and filled with fiber as well ;) For those people staying in Ipoh, I'm sure you wouldn't mind paying them a visit some day. I was surprised there's such a huge seafood restaurant in Ipoh as well, considering it's not a place close to the sea.

Complimentary fruit plate :)


IamDoryFish~ said...

wow! abalone, was it pricey?? :P
will try when i am back at ipoh!

iamthewitch said...

Hehe, not sure how much.. around RM20+ per piece I think? Or was it RM30?