Monday, April 7, 2008

Long-awaited trip to Genting!

I have always been a fan of the highlands, not only Genting in particular, but the highlands, because I simply ADORE cool weather! I dislike walking under the sun for fear of getting dark :P and I don't really like arriving at the destination all sweaty and uncomfortable, do you? So imagine walking in the highlands, where the weather is oh-so-cool and breezy and walking is a really fun sport, while taking in the beautiful highlands scenery. Well, if that place has a shopping mall, a theme park and a casino, it's just a plus point, eh? ;)

For the first time, I took an express bus direct from Penang to Genting Highlands. It was really not a bad choice, considering the journey is so long, it would have been exhausting to drive. The journey took about 5.5 hours, inclusive of a 30 minutes lunch break in Tapah rest house. This rest house is my favourite, because it has all the nice shops and its toilets are numerous and clean! :)

Tapah rest house along North-South Expressway

We had our lunch in presumably the ONLY Dunkin Donuts store in whole of Perak. Yeah, I know, me and doughnuts, never seem to be able to separate! ;) Apart from the doughnuts, I tried the Chicken Cheese and Egg Sandwich as well, which was marvelous! I never thought Dunkin sandwiches could taste so good! I'm even willing to say I prefer this over the costly Subway sandwiches :P
chicken cheese and egg sandwich

Doesn't it look amazingly delicious too? Then of course, there are the doughnuts that one cannot miss!
Glorious doughnuts!

After the satiating lunch, we headed back to the bus and continued our journey up, up, up to the hills! Upon reaching the bus terminal, we went straight to the hotel. Noticing that the time was only 2pm, I was already thinking of asking for an early check-in (normal check-in at 3pm). Little did I know, I underestimated the First World Hotel in Genting! Look at the crowd on a weekday!
Huge crowd at the hotel lobby

As if the crowd was not scary enough, we had to take numbers just to check in. So I waited patiently in line to get my number and guess what number I got?? *gasp*

563!!! Oh my freaking goodness! And the current number is 397! That's 166 seats behind! I almost wanted to faint at that point. There goes my EARLY check-in. I was SO looking forward to a nice shower and rest since we reached there earlier than expected. Sigh, I suppose this is the price to pay to stay in the LARGEST hotel in Malaysia and the world (more than 6,000 rooms).
Colourful First World Hotel, Genting Highlands
Well, nothing left to do but to wait, and after 1.5 hours, it was finally my turn.

Upon checking in, we tried to take a nap after the long bus journey but our room was irritatingly noisy. I heard constant construction and drilling sounds very clearly and needless to say, not only did I not manage to rest, I got even more tired from the stress! I decided to ask for a room change after that, having found out that there was indeed renovation going on just a floor above mine. And the noise did not stop even though it was already 6pm! So we were moved to another floor way up high, which was much better.

During dinner time, we were in First World Plaza trying to scout for places to have dinner.
On the way to the plaza

One place caught our attention due to the huge crowd there. It was none other than Pizza Hut! *LOL* I knew we were famished so anything that was piping hot and that smelled good was very much welcome. So we marched straight in and luckily managed to find a table. We tried the newly created square/rectangular pizza that's the craze right now.
Piping hot and smelling wonderful!

I was never a fan of the pizzas in Pizza Hut. I suppose every branch is different, but the ones that I've tried in Penang usually have rather cold crust and limited toppings and cheese. The branch in Genting Highlands, however, managed to impress me! (Or was it because I was just starving? :P)

The pizza that I ordered was generously topped with lots of cheese and the crust was hot and crispy. Exactly what I needed on a cold night! No wonder there's a large crowd in this particular outlet. :)

After dinner, we walked around the plaza, which was scattered with monuments and mini statues of the wonders of the world. Here are some of the pictures taken:
Mini Eiffel de Genting!

Oscar de Genting

Miniature Statue of Liberty

Pretty decorations from above

I've always had a thing with merry-go-rounds, I wonder why. I find them very amusing and pretty, especially those that lit in the night, like this one.

If only i were 2 feet shorter, I'd probably be able to get on one of those :P

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