Monday, April 21, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Top 6 for the second time

I know what you guys are thinking... Wasn't it just Top 6 last week? This is not an outdated post, mind you. In this extraordinary week, there was no one who got eliminated. Oopss! Did I spoil the suspense for you? *gasp* Sorry for those who haven't watched :P Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this decision of not eliminating anyone. On one hand, I think that this is rather unfair for all the prior contestants who got eliminated. On the other hand, I do agree with what Sazzy said, that Jay is one of the favourites for the Top 3 (how come no one votes for her then??). I really believe that having Jay in the show does boost the standards for the overall contestants. At least she has experience in this field and she does her walk nicely. I can't imagine if the Top 3 are Cindy (who overdoes her walk and does it oh-so-quickly), Nadia (who's a real moron) and Ringo (no offense, but I really cannot see her being in the international fashion show runway). Hence, Jay is an essence, I say. To heck with fairness, if this has to be done to maintain the standard of this show, then it shall be done. I hope she will get her fair share of votes next week!

This week's episodes are quite blah. I have been watching the show ever since it's inception and to be fair, there have been significant improvements in terms of post-editing. However, there are definitely areas that need improvement:

1) I don't see the purpose of the judges: Elaine Daly, Kenny Sia and Lim Jimmy. In the first place, they were the ones with all the comments and criticisms, which made the show interesting. But now, the only judgemental comments come from Sazzy. I know she's hot and all but sometimes I really don't find her comments to be of substance. She likes to repeat the same statements for the same contestant week after week. "I can't see your eyes", "You need to work on your angle", etc etc. There was also one episode where she said, "You do know this is a competition, right?". I was like, duuuuhhh... Of course we know! And I'm sure the contestants are not dumb either. Why does she need to treat them like they're little kids? And when a girl gets eliminated, there goes "I still want to see you in the field, okay?". Blah... I could just predict what she's going to say before she says it. Also, her presentation skills need to be worked on. It's really boring listening to her mundane tone and limited vocabulary. Where are the judges??? What's the point of having them when they're doing anything BUT judging? As a viewer, I would be very interested to look forward to comments from the judges right after every shoot, just like American Idol. At least, it gives us a gauge of how each girl fares from a professional point of view, no?

2) Too much of unnecessary footage on the same event. For example, the episode where the girls were doing kickboxing in the gym? That was shown for a good few minutes, and it was draggy! I was just waiting and waiting for something interesting to happen but no! It was boring and it could have done away with half of the shoot.

3) It would have made the show much more interesting if the voters have a choice of voting someone OUT as well as IN. Sometimes there are just people who irritate the hell out of us and we would be more than glad to see them leave the show. I tell you, there are seriously times that I felt the stronger urge to vote for someone OUT than to vote for someone IN. At this point of time, I really cannot stand Nadia. She is ridiculous! I was annoyed with her ever since she started bitching away every chance that she could get in front of the camera. I think it was the last straw when she said and I quote, "Jay slapped me from the back". What the hell was that? She was being WAY too sensitive and definitely outrageous! That was not a slap, my dear Nadia. After all, what did she, of all people, expect? A WARM hug? It's not that she's good friends with Jay in the first place. It was good enough that Jay even bother to entertain her 'fake' hug, I say. I bet Nadia was feeling more than happy when her name was announced as being safe. And she wanted to complain about some person slapping her? Get real! Right, that aside, I seriously urge the producers to consider giving voters a chance to vote someone out. It just means more votes and more income now, no? :)

Now that I've vented about my dissatisfaction, we shall go through the pictures from this week's shoot. :) May I just say, I am absolutely head over heels with the batik gowns! They are amazingly gorgeous and elegant. I didn't know batik could end up being so classy. I would most definitely consider purchasing them if I have a proper event to dress up for, and if I can afford it, of course. :) Also, kudos to the two artistes from Lim Kok Wing who, in the humble opinion of someone who has no eye for arts, did a wonderful job of decorating the pictures. I love how each picture's drawing is complementing the models and dresses, rather than over-powering them.

1) Adeline
Purple is one of my favourite colors! Complementing the picture with orchid is perfect! This dress is lovely! The person, however, is just okay. Adeline's expression has improved this much *forms a small gap between the thumb and forefinger*, which is better than no improvement I guess. Her body is nice though, and her height! I could imagine her gracing more magazines and posters in the future. Well, once she works more on her facial expression, that is. :) And I wouldn't mind if she could work on her English as well. :P

2) Cindy
Here's the girl who created much of the drama during the early episodes of the show. I must say, she brought colours to the show. What's a reality model search show without girls fighting right? It is just like eating sandwich without tuna. Simply wouldn't do! Gosh, Cindy looks ghastly in this picture! I couldn't quite figure out what's wrong though. Is it her expression? Or is it her make up? Her hair? Her pose? She looks rather pale here (lack of lipstick?) and her eyes are just not doing her any good. Did I see eyebags? *gasp* She looks like she's 10 years older! On another note, I adore this dress too! This shade of purple is really elegant and unique.

3) Hanis
Hanis was never my favourite from the start. I always felt that she looked too young for many of the pictures and she's too 'manja' for my liking. However, she has started to change my mind since 2 weeks ago. I find her more likable now, and she speaks proper English in front of the camera, which is much better than her 'manja' tone when she spoke in Malay. She seems sincere as a friend and being cute is a plus point! Among all of the contestants, I think she is the one who has had tremendous improvement ever since the first day of the show. I could still remember her during the auditions, when she was telling the judges that her boyfriend was not comfortable with her entering this show. I wonder how they are right now. If anything, I think the boyfriend should be proud of her! Because I am! :) In this picture, she portrays a sultry look which is so sexy. Her pose also shows the details of her batik gown very well. Great picture if she's trying to sell the gown!

4) Jay
I thought it was a bright idea that she wore something light to complement her dark skin. Indeed, the contrast just makes the whole picture more colourful and striking. However, I find that her angle in this picture makes her face look too masculine and angular. Also, it's rather weird how she places her hands. It's also difficult to judge whether she's standing still or she's jumping? I can only see one leg. Where's the other one? Hmm... Anyway, the dress is, as usual, gorgeous! But this picture is not doing her justice. I'm not biased, I'm not biased :P

5) Nadia
As I mentioned earlier, Nadia is really a moron. She's getting on my nerves more and more often now. After the incident of Jay apparently slapping her, she's making a huge deal about how Hanis was passing her the Escada perfume. I'm beginning to wonder whether she's trying to create a big fuss just for the sake of publicity? Seriously, the things that she complained about couldn't be any more trivial! I thought I just have the right word for her, let me think, what was it? Bitchy? That's right! This picture makes her look really weird. Her mouth is weird, her hands are awkward. Her whole pose is just awkward. If I didn't watch the video, I wouldn't know that she's attempting to take a picture while jumping. She could very well be standing on tiptoes and placing her hands in a weird manner.

6) Ringo
Her fame in the blogosphere is really helping her to survive in this show, which might not be a good thing. For starters, she definitely lacks the height to become a model. She is just too petite for runways! She absolutely drowned in the crowd of models during the MIFA show. The same happened during the Escada advertisement show. She somehow just blended in with the other people's shadows. No offense really, but do you seriously think she is model material? Would she make it big in the international scene? Do think properly before casting your next vote, yes? In this picture, she looks pretty (height aside) and I think it's the best of her so far. Her gown is also uniquely attractive. But I guess it would have been nicer if she could show more of the batik design on the piece of cloth she's holding? After all, this is a shoot on batik couture, no? I just have a feeling that no matter what, she'll still be able to get through to the finals.

There you have it, my two cents on Malaysia's first online reality series. Everything considered, I must say good job to the producers and everyone behind the scene who made this show a reality. Yes, there is definitely room for improvement but you guys have made Malaysians proud by having this show available throughout the world! *applause*


IamDoryFish~ said...

Very good analysis! I agree on the SMS Voting out!! MDG should really reconsider this. :P

giddy tigress said...

I vote for "the witch" to be the judge for this contest! :D
When is this on anyway? The only bitching I ever indulge in is for America's Next Top Model.

iamthewitch said...

iamdoryfish: Yes and we shall be the first ones to vote people OUT! :)

giddy tigress: This show is only available online at Haha, I'd love to be the judge! :P

Bamboo said...

Well, it is a really good idea in voting people out... if you want your favourite to be in, you'll be busy voting others out, hence more revenue for the telcos. If you think the judges comments are useless now, wait till the finals... it's the same for everyone in every shows... "you're both the best", "i love both of you", "i don't know how to choose"... blah... blah... blah... annoying really.

iamthewitch said...

bamboo: Haha I agree with you. During the finals, the judges would go all "you're all already winners for being here" yadda yadda yadda... Not exactly what we would want to hear as audience :P