Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wrongly dressed

My dearest little brother has grown! Oh how he has grown... I still remember the time when I came back from school about an umpteen years ago, excited and happy, because I knew my mom was back at home. And more importantly, there was this new member in the house! I was just an 8-year-old kid, and was easily excited with anything cute and soft, like a baby. :) There he was in the cot, sleeping soundly and smelling like an angel. He was the cutest thing I had ever laid my eyes on back then, and I took all the opportunity I had to carry him around. I was a very proud sister, you know how it is when you're so much bigger and wiser, and you think that you know so much more than the little ones, such that you're filled with the eagerness to pour out the wisdom and knowledge.

Anyway, fast forward 18 years down the road, I could still remember vividly the same day he was brought into the house. How he has grown, literally even taller than myself. It is now the time for his next chapter in life, time to move on after completing the secondary school. One of the options for this tertiary studies is to study at University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), which is located none other than at sweet old Kampar in Perak. Since I was back in Kampar at that time, I took the opportunity to visit the brand new university that has just grown its roots here.

I must say the guardhouse seriously needs some improvements. It definitely gives people the wrong impression, by having a shabby banner and sort of rundown guardhouse.

Guard house

Just look at the background, isn't it a lovely place? Looks like somewhere in the highlands, with all the mist and cool breeze. :) I must say, I was pretty impressed with the construction and the structure of the university, seeing that it is private, independent and built from donations from the kind people.

Somewhere outside the offices

Most importantly, the environment was just amazing! It is not only peaceful and quite, it is also serene and soothing to the eyes. Heck it is located right next to the lake! In case you didn't know yet, Kampar was previously a flourishing tin mining area, with lots of wealthy businessmen making big money. And because of that, Kampar still has many ex-mining lakes scattered around the quaint town. The sight of water just brings a sense of calmness and tranquility to me. I can totally see myself just sitting by the lakeside with a good book, preferably under the shades. ;) So conducive, so relaxing...

Next to lake

Beautiful lake

After admiring all the nice views, it was time for me to carry on my mission. I proceeded to the offices building, all of them having glass walls and doors, very transparent indeed. Make sure the lecturers never fall asleep or dig their noses when they thought no one is watching. :P


Towards the offices

The admissions office corridor

I was given the task to buy application forms from the offices so I roamed around, trying to figure out where to get them. Then I came upon something interesting: What NOT to wear in the campus

I felt so paiseh at that point of time! Then I got very self-conscious and looked around the innocent-looking students eager to get into the campus, wearing decently. And I looked at the poster and realized I was committing two of the 'crimes' - shorts and sandals!
What I was wearing -.-"

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