Saturday, August 23, 2008

Class of 2008

Finally, after 2 years of struggle, this is the day. The day the class of 2008 could proudly say 'We've made it!'. It wasn't easy, that's for sure, and it definitely wasn't all smooth-sailing. There were a couple of us who dropped out due to different priorities or lack of time, but us, we stood by each other strongly. We went through the obstacles, no matter rain or shine and now, reap the results, we shall!

Exactly two years ago, about 19 of us registered for the Masters of Engineering in Microelectronics course with Multimedia University (MMU). At that time, we were all but strangers. We were also told of many scary stories from the lecturers, saying that many students in the past couldn't cope with the pressure of part-time studying and decided to drop out after a few semesters. We did get demotivated a little bit, but we still went on despite all odds. Sure a couple of us did drop out at the end, but we're still the largest group that has prevailed throughout the history of MEng Microelectronics! In fact, we're a famous group among the lecturers, for being the 'smartest' bunch and the most resilient, I would say. I'm definitely proud to be one of this group.

Today will mark our last paper of final examination of our last subject of our last module. EVER. I know we've all sweated it through and all for this moment. I do not know how I will feel yet right after the examination but I am sure we'll all be joyous and beyond happy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my classmates and lecturers (if they ever read my blog) for making the past 2 years easier than it could have been. I must admit I don't really remember all the names of my classmates (fine, you're right Allan), but I certainly remember how everyone looks! So I'll not forget to give a warm smile if we ever cross paths again in the future. :) <-- Big Warm Smile.

We'll have a post-exam dinner soon and I'll definitely write more about my classmates (with pictures!) in my next post. Till then, wish us all luck! ;)


Vickna said...

Very well said Mei Yee! It wasnt easy for sure!! Some how most of those in out batch had some motivation to carry on la :). Even i did regret doing this course sometime in the second semester but as Prof Tou used to say "U'll feel good once you complete"...thats very true! Cant express the happiness that this is over and that i made it through the 2 years. Well, there is still the project to go...but i think atleast it wouldnt be as stressfull as attending classes, assignements and EXAMS!
Thanks for all your help throughout this course!!

P/S: Looking forward for your next post on this topic....sad that i couldnt make it for the dinner. Btw...Firefly is COOL!

zewt said...

wow... masters... i am just a lowly fella with a basic degree :)

congrats.... and welcome to the real world...

cupnsaucer said...

I still have 10 months to finish my MBA, definitely can't wait to enjoy the 'moment' too ;p

soo sean said...

You have made it! Congratulations!

iamthewitch said...

vickna: I totally agree with you! Definitely feels good now that it's over. Almost forgot how it feels like to actually look forward to Fridays for once! *LOL* Oh yea Firefly is cool! Let's hope it's cool always!

zewt: Haha, you're not any lower than any of us here! Oh I've been to the real world long before I studied, if you mean working, cause I'm taking this course part-time. :)

cupnsaucer: Yes, I support you fully! :)

soo sean: Thank you very much! :)