Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farewell Class of 2008 (Part 1)

As with all things containing the number 8, the Chinese always believe it brings them luck and prosperity and everything good. Indeed, the year of 2008 has brought me good by bringing me another step closer to completing my masters. :) Here is the first part of my trilogy on the last few classes before we parted different ways. I must say again, that I'm truly honoured and bestowed with luck to be granted such great course mates, who later became friends (quote from Thomas).

Here is the picture of our computer lab, during our second last class. We went to this lab almost every weekend just to do our design projects and facebook (for me) :P.

Computer lab

Here are the three of the very good friends that I've made during the past 2 years, the wonderful guys from Kulim, except for Vickna on the right, who's an ex-Kulim member. :) They are the most fun guys to be with, serious enough but with sufficient amount of crap. And they're definitely smart people! Vickna is known to them as the Teacher, and Paraveen in the middle is known to us as Manager P (he has a platinum card okay :P ) and Allan is the one on the right most. Don't they look serious here? I bet they're looking at something from malaysiakini. :P

Intense discussion ... NOT!

On the same day itself, it happened to be Allan's 30th birthday! We went out for lunch to celebrate the demise of his 20s. He doesn't look a day over 29 now, does he? *LOL*

witch and Allan

We went to Secret Recipe to try their RM10 lunch. Vickna as usual had this vegetarian meal, while most of us had the chicken chop with rice. Each set came with a glass of iced lemon tea. Not too bad I suppose. But I must say the star of the day was definitely the brownie with ice-cream on top!

Food (from top): Iced lemon tea, vegetarian soba, chicken chop with rice and walnut brownie with ice-cream

Look at the ice-cream... and the brownie! Makes me salivate just by looking! It's the best combination ever! Beats any cheesecake you can find in Secret Recipe, in my humble opinion. :)

Now for more pictures, here is Vickna again, followed by doryfish and witch. Vickna, as I mentioned earlier is an extremely smart guy, who apparently tutored the rest of the Kulim-members in the last few days before the finals! He is also a very devoted family man, and cannot stand Penang anymore. :P Oh, he's also a supporter of Firefly! Yay! I've known doryfish ever since I did my internship in Penang, more than 4 years ago. And since then, our bond was ever lasting. :) She's my buddy at work and in class, and we could talk, ok more like gossip, for hours non-stop even though we see each other everyday at work! That is the wonder of us. :) I'm glad both of us managed to finish the course together and I definitely look forward to walking on the stage to take our scrolls on the same day!

Vickna, doryfish, witch

Here is Allan again, with Melvin. Melvin's Chinese name got me confused one time, when he sent out an email to the whole class. I was looking at the sender's name for the longest time and I kept wondering why did I not know there's another girl in our class? (Our class has only 4 girls and I knew the names of all the girls, you see). Then I looked at the surname and the company, and it hit me! So sorry Melvin, but your Chinese name gave me the impression that it's a girl's name! Not going to reveal it here, don't worry. :P Anyway, both Melvin and Allan are really smart people. They appear to skip classes or come in late because of the long 'roti bakar' breaks, but never let their appearances deceive you. :) Both are wonderful guys, with equally great hearts, and loyal fans of Malaysiakini. Especially Allan. Allan, if you become a politician one day, I'll support you 110% ok!

Melvin and Allan

Finally this is Paraveen aka Manager P. He's one of the guys I admire and salute because he's studying something totally different from his first degree! He's from a Chemical Engineering background, and took Masters in Microelectronics with us! And he's done a fantastic job so far, I must say. I bet no one would even notice the difference if he didn't say he's a Chemical Engineer. Another great guy and fan of Malaysiakini. Oh, don't forget the 'roti bakar' as well. :P

witch and Manager P

So this is Allan, the birthday boy, on our second last week of classes. Hitting the big 3-0 doesn't seem to have any effect on him! *LOL*

Birthday boy Allan

To be continued.


cc said...

All the very best to you! :)

iamdoryfish said...

mei yee dear, thanks for everything and i truly feel blessed to have you as my good friend! ..4 years,omg, time really flies huh? And Im proud of class 2008! :) Finally, we did it!! After all the struggles and pressure to cope with part-time studying. Well done!!

btw, you did not emphasise on Allan blushing while taking the photos! :P

iamthewitch said...

cc: Thank you, cc. :)

iamdoryfish: Thank YOU for being my good friend as well! I'm glad we both did it :) Well done to you as well, my dear :) Haha, he really blushed in the picture very obviously eh? LOL

Allan said...

Hi witch, thanks for immortalizing my 30th birthday in the Internet. I am sure the traffic of your blog will increase exponentially after this :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help throughout the 2 years. Sorry for I had a part in screwing up your almost-perfect CGPA (remember Fruganic?)

P/S : For the record, I was not blushing. It was the cumulative effect of the dull ambiance & the flash of the camera, which strangely had a totally opposite effect on you ;)

iamthewitch said...

You're very much welcome, Allan. I have to thank you for providing to me some excellent political advice as well, without which, I would still be the 'katak di bawah tempurung' :P Oh yea, it must have been the ambiance :P