Friday, August 29, 2008

Farewell Class of 2008 (Part 2)

This is the picture of my classroom back in PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre). For those of you in the dark, the university that I went to (Multimedia University) actually rents the classrooms in PSDC during the weekends to conduct the part time classes. The lecturers are flown in every Friday for the Friday night classes and leave after our Saturday classes. That is why I have never looked forward to Friday nights before, for the past 2 years. *LOL* Now I can!

Classroom with projector and whiteboard

The pictures in this post were taken during our last class of the semester, also the last class of the course (we hope!). Vickna as usual, always arrived the earliest! And always with the newspaper as well. :)

Vickna with newspaper

These are another 2 of my classmates, Thomas and Kent. Thomas is the proud daddy of Gwyneth, of which I'll show you the picture next time. I really admire Thomas for being able to cope with work and studies at the same time while taking care of his newborn! Incredible eh?

Thomas and Kent

Here's Allan again, not sure why he's always captured with a red face. :P

Allan and Vickna

Such a candid shot! Of course they're not so hardworking... Have you ever seen people studying with a smile? :P

Manager P and Allan

Oh this is the vending machine in PSDC. The one and only. It's the place where students come to get drinks during break times. I only started to be a loyal customer of hot Milo since the final 2 semesters I think. It's really useful when you're sleepy or hungry. :P

One and only Vending machine

This is the condition of the class during break times. Doryfish and me would usually be gossiping about someone during this time. :P

Just before class started

After our first session of class from 9-12pm, we had a one hour lunch break, before our lab continued from 1 to 5pm. *phew* During our final class, we went to Old Town Kopitiam for lunch. It was packed as expected, but what I didn't expect was for them to be out of toasts! Poor Vickna who was vegetarian that day had to make do with only curry puffs. How could a kopitiam be out of toasts after only 2 hours of business (we reached at 12pm)?

Lunch at Old Town Kopitiam

Pictures taken during lunch:


Group picture taken:

Group pic: Melvin, Allan, Vickna and witch (my hair is too long!)

Our food pictures:
I like the 'Xi Mut milk tea'. Did you know that 'Xi Mut' in cantonese means those long women stockings? I suppose they named the drink that way because the milk tea is supposed to be as smooth as the stockings. *LOL*

Food pictures

This post is meant to share with you the condition of my classes and what we usually do during breaks. In fact, I miss everything about the classes except for the assignments, exams, labs and tutorials. What's left?


cc said...

Reminds me of my uni days. It seems so far away now.

iamthewitch said...

Hehe... I don't miss the studying part, that's for sure! :P