Monday, August 11, 2008

The weekend that was

Ahh... The birth of a new week again today. Why does every week have to start with Monday? Sounds so close to mourn day, which is exactly what I'm doing now. Mourning the loss of a great weekend. le sigh. Saucer was here, since Friday early morning. In fact, it was so early I had to wake up at 4.30am to fetch him on Friday, and later on go to work at 7am. Gosh, I woke up and felt like a zombie working on that Friday, while Saucer happily slept on. Anyway, at least I was a happy zombie at that, knowing I had something to look forward to at the end of my working hours, and that was coming home to Saucer.

Seeing him again after almost a month made me realize just how much I've missed him. Even though we didn't really do anything special during the weekend, just spending time together watching TV, or having my terrible muesli with milk as breakfast (which he didn't mind), or even just sitting down and talking to each other, already made my day. We woke up early on Saturday, and went for groceries shopping after breakfast. I almost wanted to buy these potato chips that were on sale, and Saucer stopped me from doing so. Haha.. I guess once in a while, having someone to control my diet is good. If he weren't here, I would have bought the pack of chips home and I would have eaten the whole pack myself and definitely felt bad after that. Oh, and not to mention the aftermath of getting pimples all over my face. *LOL*

We had dinner at this steamboat place in town, which I'm going to blog about soon! It was a nice place with a great night view. The funny thing was, I was brought there by a friend before but I didn't know how to go there myself. Thank God for the GPS that he brought along with him. That gadget was amazing! It worked well and definitely brought me to the steamboat place that I wanted to go. :) Buffet steamboat dinners are as usual, overloaded with variety of food. And my God we stuffed ourselves so badly that we didn't even manage to walk after that. OK, that walking part was exaggerating.

Anyway, I really wanted to blog about how stupid I was after dinner. I keep kicking myself for that incident that happened that night. Even now, when I think about it. So after dinner, Saucer was supposed to meet up some old friends for a drink, while I stayed at home to study. It was already past 10pm when he left, and I started studying until at one point, I felt myself to be dozing off on the table! And that was only at 11pm! So I walked around to keep myself awake and continued studying, until at 12am, I was just too tired and told myself to take a 'nap' while waiting for Saucer to come back. Here's the silly part: Since it was already 12am, and I was expecting him to be back in half an hour or so, I didn't set my alarm clock to wake me up, thinking that the doorbell would be loud enough to awake me from my light slumber. Besides, I left my lights on, so I wouldn't have been able to sleep for long anyway. SO I THOUGHT. How silly I was. And little did I know my handphone was on silent mode! So by the time I was awaken by some weird dream, I realized the clock was already showing 3.30am!!! Shit! And my first instinct was to rush to the handphone to realize there were 14 missed calls and 2 sms from Saucer since 1am. Damn it! Why did I have to sleep! I felt so incredibly bad at that time and quickly called him, knowing that he was at a friend's place nearby. He was already half asleep at that time and I kept pleading to him saying how sorry I was in the whole conversation. He wasn't even mad at me. That made the whole situation worse. :( I asked him to come over (he's just in a friend's place next block) but the friend was already asleep and he had no keys! That was when I started to panic and wanted to kick myself real hard (except I didn't know how to). I was telling myself I've ruined the last night that we could have spent together, and that he would end up in this friend's place til the next morning and I would have only myself to blame. Luckily for me, the friend did wake up in the end and Saucer came back before 4am. I was extremely stupid, I told him, and inconsiderate as well. I was just playing the whole scene over in my mind, that Saucer was at my front door calling me to open up. When I didn't pick up the phone, he rang the doorbells many times and still I didn't show up. Then he continued calling me again for many many times. Even tried to search whether I was smart enough to leave my keys in the shoes outside. Clearly I wasn't. Argh... what an idiot I was! Imagine if he had no place to go to that night, he would have been outside my apartment for possibly the whole night! The thought of that sent me shuddering and I felt bad all over again. Never will I sleep with my handphone in silent mode again. Sigh! Even though Saucer did not get mad at me, I still somehow felt terribly guilty and bad at myself every time I recall the whole incident. I made him homeless for more than 2 hours outside, when he had full trust in me to take care of him while he's here. I failed. Badly. I wish I could forgive myself.

Sunday was sad because it was the day that Saucer was supposed to leave Penang. I tried not to think of the time that he actually had to go and just focused on the present. Of course, time is always not on our side, especially when we want it to. Saucer has finally left and I have two papers to take soon. I can't wait to finish my exams so that I could visit him after! :) If you're reading this, I had a WONDERFUL time with you! *hugs*


soo sean said...

Belive it or not, I did the same stupid thing. I turned the handphone to silent mode but with the vibration on. And, I was thinking that the vibration could be able to wake me up. But ..... I was 45mins late to the calls.

chiaoju said...

hey gal...all in all, I'm sure it was still a weekend, that was close to being perfect. =) Nah, I think it's still a perfect weekend for the both of u. =D

iamthewitch said...

soo sean: Oh dear! 45 minutes is better than my 2.5hours! Made you feel so guilty, didn't it? Lesson learnt, both of us. :)

chiaoju: Hehe.. you're probably right... Maybe it has a lot to do with who we're with, rather that what we're doing. :)

cc said...

Every goodbyes are the beginning to next gathering. It makes us look forward to the next meet more, don't you think?

iamthewitch said...

cc: Very well said, cc. :) Definitely looking forward to the next meeting soon!

soo sean said...

Lesson learnt: don't overestimate ourselves. Haha.