Monday, August 18, 2008

Golden BBQ and Steamboat *updated

In my earlier post, I mentioned that when Saucer came to visit me, we went for a BBQ and steamboat buffet in a place in town. It's called Golden BBQ Steamboat, well that's what's written in the GPS. *LOL* I also mentioned that I didn't know how to get to this place, you see. That's when the GPS came in handy. We just keyed in the 'steamboat' keyword and it will list out all possible Steamboat restaurants nearby.

GPS working, it's marvellous!

We reached there just before 8pm and the place was already crowded with people. Thank goodness with only the two of us, it was easy to find a small table to squeeze in. :)

Golden BBQ Steamboat

Apart from the usual steamboat and BBQ raw meat aligned in the buffet area, there were also several cooked dishes for customers to sample on while waiting for their food to cook. Since my stomach was already growling on the way there, I gladly feasted upon those fried dishes, which turned out to be quite delicious, I must say. Or maybe it was just my empty stomach talking. :P Anyway, their fried food was really crispy and marinated well. And there was also satay to boot!

Fried spring rolls and wan ton

Satay and some dim sum

I was busy eating while Saucer went to load up on the raw food for the steamboat. :) There were a multitude of balls, sotong balls, meatballs, fish balls, beef balls, you name it, they've got it. And there were lots of seafood as well: clams, prawns, cuttlefish, dumplings (sui kow) and mushrooms! Saucer loves mushrooms, so he took most of them, while I was more keen on BBQ-ed meat. :)

Balls and mushroom

Never forget vegetables as well. Fiber is good for you. :)


This was the plate of food that I took. Notice the difference from the plate above taken by Saucer. My plate was mostly filled with marinated meat, ready for BBQ, instead of balls. :) And when I was picking out the meat from the buffet spread, the prawns were just refilled, so I went for a binge of those too.

Marinated meat and fresh prawns

Look at all the meat nicely arranged on the hot plate. I took those clams as well! And they would really open up nicely once they're cooked. The best part about the clams is that they don't need to be taken care of, because they would never burn!

BBQ and steamboat

After the satiating meal, we were both full to the brim. No matter, there was always room for dessert, especially when dessert was something sweet and cold like ice-cream! It's definitely soothing to have those after eating with the heat glaring into your face the whole night. No doubt it's not any good quality ice-cream, but it's free flow! And how I miss those lime-flavoured sorbet covering vanilla ice-cream on a stick! Those were the good old days when I used to buy these kinds of ice-cream after school. :)

Lime ice-cream

They charged RM19.90 nett per person for the all-you-can-eat buffet. The value for money of course is directly proportional to how much you can eat. I thought the environment was pretty awesome, just like those HK street side hawker stalls. True enough the food was nothing to shout about, but it was not bad either. Steamboats and BBQs are meant to be fun because we get to watch our food cook! In case you want to get there, I don't remember the exact address but it's at one of the junctions in Burma road. This junction is brightly lit at night, so I don't think you will miss it. :)

Brightly lit road

Golden BBQ Steamboat Restaurant
38, 40, 42 Jalan Nagore, 10050 Penang.


cc said...

Steamboat, bbq and ice-scream = triple happiness! :D

JustinKC said... seems nice with all the foods. If over in Kuching here, the steamboat sucks. The prawn were so small, the food so little choice and even the ice cream look so dirty!!!! Haiz...wish i could be at your place and enjoy the food hehehehe

TNH said...

Wow...the gps sistem really so usefull...when think of what to eat..just type in to search for the nice...

cylee said...

seems like the GPS is fully functional outside of the states.
Pls do let me know if saucer have any complaints when using his GPS, coz i might like to get one for myself. :)

chiaoju said...

hey, what's the model of the GPS? May want to get one... :) ehhehe

Bamboo said...

Thanks for the 'clear' and 'precise' description of the location of the steamboat place. :P

iamthewitch said...

cc: Agreed! :)

justinkc: Aww... Sorry to hear that! Well I just gave you a very good reason to come over to visit Penang! :)

tnh: Yea, it's really useful. Sometimes it shows me places that I've never even heard of!

cylee: Oh yea, it's functional indeed. In fact, he managed to discover many non-toll routes when he drives in KL. :) Good buy I'd say :)

chiaoju: He got the Garmin nuvi 350 model. Get from US cheaper :)

bamboo: Ishhh... just for YOU only, I updated with the website link and the address! Happy? :P

jc said...

kekeke that place has the best steamboat in Penang :P
Oops...i mean 2nd best.
The best steamboat is the one available at Stan's place. Now closed and shifted to Ipoh liao huhuh

iamthewitch said...

jc: Hahaha... yes yes I agree! And you're finally BACK! :))