Friday, August 29, 2008

I've won beads!

I won this contest about 2 months ago by sheer luck! The blog author's son picked me as the winner! ME! It's almost like a lucky draw and I've never won any lucky draws before! I was so elated when I found out about it. I was even MORE glorious when I saw the amazing prize that I won! I knew the prize was going to be beads, but I didn't know it was going to be that much! I only got my parcel after 3 weeks of delivery all the way from the US! But it was all worth it. :)

The package

Check out what is inside the box. There were many packets of different beads of different shapes and colours. Definitely so much more than I expected! Apparently these beads are from all around the world, so they're exotic.

All types of beads

Well what do I do with so many beads?? Making them into accessories of course! I bought the necessary tools required from the bead shop and off I went creating the work of art. :P Look at the final outcome so far! What do you think?


Bead necklace

It's the first time I attempted something like this, and I'm definitely not someone who's artistic to say the least! The very irritating part about making bracelets is that some of the beads are so tiny that you tend to drop them while trying to hook them together. Then, they'll bounce and bounce and roll to god knows where. I think I've lost a few beads in the process already. The worst case was when I tried to tie the knot of the bracelet, and since it was my first one, it wasn't so strong. The string being elastic, just exploded and all the beads in my bracelet flew all across my room!! *sob* Thankfully my room isn't big, so at least, my search and rescue process was confined. *sigh* But fear not, my dear friends. After much practice, I can say that I'm comfortable enough to tie a strong knot to the bracelets. :) And I certainly know of tricks to keep the beads from bouncing away. *LOL*

A zoomed in version of individual bracelets.


Anyone wants one? *winks*


cc said...

So many beads! Nice job you've done there!
I love looking at colourful beads, they make me happy! :D

Yin Hoon said...

Hey, the beads are really nice! And you have done a good job there. So what's the trick of the trade? :p

TNH said...

wow..congratulation...there's really got alot of bead..

soo sean said...

I want one, I want one. :p

chiaoju said...

thank you for giving me one! :) hehehehhe...

iamdoryfish said...

Great job, you should be proud of yourself! :) And of course i am still waiting for mine!! *patiently* kekekek

iamthewitch said...

cc: Yes, they're so colorful aren't they? :)

yin hoon: Hehe, well since I haven't seen you for so long and your birthday is coming soon, I'll reserve one for you!! :)

tnh: Thank you :)

soo sean: Hehe OK I'll give you one :)

chiaoju: you're welcome!!!

iamdoryfish: Hehe, OK be patient!! I'll give it to you once I'm done. :))

Yin Hoon said...

Hehe... Thank you. Looking forward to it! =)