Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas countdown at The Curve

It was the Christmas eve, and I took Firefly down to KL for my long holiday. Did you know that Firefly now has a whole new flight of planes? Their seats are all leather! Previously, my friends used to complain about Firefly's seats because there was this smell that they couldn't stand. Somewhat similar to the smell of the seats in the cinema. :P Anyway, now there's no more such smell, only the smell of brand new planes. :)

Back of seats

Leather seats

What's more, they even serve refreshments on the plane! Granted it's just a muffin and orange juice, but still, it's so much better than having to pay exorbitant fees for a cup noodle (note: Air Asia). Anyway, the flight was just less than 1 hour, so by the time they serve the muffin and the orange juice, it was almost time to land. So, I'd say it's a pretty good distraction. Plus, the muffin was actually yummy! I was surprised too. Never judge the book by its cover, they say. :)

Pandan muffin and orange juice

By the time I reached Subang airport, it was around 7.45pm. Saucer was already waiting in the car for me by then, and we proceeded to look for dinner. Our initial plan was to go to Cineleisure Damansara's Tony Roma's for Christmas Eve dinner. However, as luck had it, we were stuck in terrible traffic jam at the LDP. Of course, it was Christmas Eve and we wouldn't expect anything less than a massive jam. After painstakingly enduring the jam, we were in the carpark of Cineleisure and fortunately found a parking space. By the time we were in the mall, it was already 8.45pm.

Heading towards Tony Roma's, my heart fell when I saw an extremely LONG queue in front! When we approached the restaurant, we were told we had to wait at least 40 minutes for a table! I was already starving at 9pm, so we went to search for other restaurants. All of them had long queues! Gosh... Now you know it's not a smart move to go to restaurants during peak periods without reservation.

In the end, we went to some hidden kopitiam in the LG floor, where there was no queue. I was too frustrated and hot by then that I didn't even bother to take pictures of the food I ate, or where I went.

Anyway, after that, Saucer suggested that we went for coffee to calm my nerves down. *LOL* We went to Gloria Jeans, which was luckily not packed at all. We even found a nice spot in the aircon room! This is me enjoying my drink. :)

witch at Gloria Jeans Cafe

At around 11.45pm, we proceeded to go to the countdown spot, where many people were already waiting.

Christmas tree

The crowd there was just incredible! It was almost impossible to even move! There were people at every spot on the ground. Simply amazing.

Crazy crowd

Since Saucer's car was parked at Cineleisure, we attempted to cross over the huge crowd, but with punishment! Our punishment was those annoying aerosol foam. People surrounding us were spraying the foam everywhere and the smell was just appalling! I'm telling you, I never knew those foam could have such a strong, pungent smell. It made me and Saucer choke and cough for a long time even after crossing the crowd.

More crowd

By the time it was 12 am, there was a countdown and then more foam. Saucer and I just quickly went indoors to avoid the foam. Never shall I go near anyone who has a can of that anymore.

Halfway crossing

This is a little late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I end this post with my favourite snack of all time! *drools*

My love


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