Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sam You Restaurant

December 20th marks the birthday of Saucer's sister. She invited us to have dinner plus birthday celebration at a Chinese restaurant called Sam You. Being the first-timers to the restaurant, we were extremely thankful for the help of the GPS. The restaurant is located in PJ and has ample parking space surrounding it.


We reached there around 7pm and the place was still empty, which was good for us because it meant that our food would arrive first!


Here are some pictures of the food ordered:

The prawns were fresh and huge for the first dish below. I like it!

Stir-fried prawns with asparagus

Then there was a basket of mixed vegetables and nuts in fried yam. I've never really liked this type of dish, maybe because I don't fancy yam as much.

Mixed vegetable/nuts in fried yam basket

Lemon chicken was so-so, not bad.

Lemon chicken

I don't remember what type of fish we ordered, but the meat was fresh indeed.

Steamed fish

A claypot of mixed mushroom, abalone slices and some other seafood. Taste was pretty average.

Braised mushroom and abalone slices

The pork ribs! Yum! I love pork ribs! And I love that this restaurant used REAL pork ribs with huge bones and all. Some restaurants just give you pork MEAT even if you order pork ribs. These were very flavourful and delicious.

Pork ribs

Finally, every birthday celebration will definitely have a plate of longevity noodles at the end. Just a symbolic meaning for long life! But the noodles from this restaurant were too soggy, in my humble opinion.

Longevity noodles

After the sumptuous dinner, we still had dessert, in the form of birthday cake! This was the birthday cake that Saucer and I bought, a Chocolate Banana cake.

Chocolate banana cake

Taking family photo for the sister

Look at the background at the end of our dinner. The place changed from being empty to being full! Thank goodness we went there early to avoid the crowd. Overall, the food scored above average and environment was clean and friendly. I wouldn't mind recommending this place to my friends for future dinners. :)

Sam You Restaurant
Lot 56/58, Jalan 52/4,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel. no.: 03-7955 1197


Plazzy said...

nice wide angle eh on the last pic

Bamboo said...

How can anyone not like fried yam? :P

foongpc said...

Wow! All those food look so delicious! I like those prawns in the first dish - yummy! And the pork ribs - I'm drooling! : )

vkeong said...

From what I read in the forums, this is a good restaurant, but not recommended to go during CNY eve for dinner. Maybe I will come here this weekend if my makan gang agrees :)

iamthewitch said...

Plazzy: I love it! :)

Bamboo: I don't know... Yam is just tasteless to me. :P

foongpc: Yea pork ribs are my favourite now! :P

vkeong: Do give it a visit and review it! Looking forward to your review :)

carmabelle said...

could i ask how much it cost? a rough figure at least.
thanks :)