Monday, January 5, 2009

Night and indoor scenes at The Curve

Happy New Year 2009 everybody! I just came back from a 1 week trip to Beijing, and fell sick with cough. :( Anyway, let me update my blog with more pictures with my new Panasonic LX3. Many people have been asking me to share more photos taken using this camera. This post will be dedicated more for indoor and night scenes, mostly shot within the vicinity of The Curve.

This was the Christmas tree outside The Curve and Cineleisure Damansara. It was around 7pm and all the night shots were taken without flash. Not bad huh?

witch @ Outdoor Christmas tree

I like how it was able to capture the scene without long shutter time. If I used my old camera to take this shot, I guarantee you that it would be so blurry you wouldn't be able to make out the tree.

Outdoor Christmas tree @ The Curve

This was taken while Saucer and I were walking to search for dinner.

The Street

Spotted a mini waterfall and pond just outside some restaurant at The Street @ The Curve.

Mini pond

We decided to eat at Sakae Sushi because Saucer was up for something light and less oily. Luckily the place was still half-full and we were able to find a table easily. I tried to take a shot at the moving kaiten belt and was amazed that the camera could capture it without making the plates look blur.

Sushi belt at Sakae

Here are some close-up shots of food pictures taken without flash. My previous camera was not able to do this without flash. It's gorgeous!

Salmon sushi


Soft shell crab roll



After dinner, we walked outside The Street and took more pictures of night scenes. Taking pictures with the LX3 is a breeze! No worries of shaky hands or poor lighting. The camera would still be able to capture the scene as how you see it. A gem indeed!

Night scene

Taking self-portrait with Saucer at night. I love that the wide angle lens was able to capture more of the background instead of just the faces. :)

Saucer and witch

Another Christmas tree indoors.

Indoor Christmas tree @ The Curve

witch @ The Curve

Later in the night, we went to Winter Warmers for a cup of tea. Even in poor lighting, the camera was able to capture the surroundings without blurring the image.

Winter Warmers

My cup of ice-blended green tea. Rather bland, really. Oh I managed to achieve the bokeh effect! :)

Ice blended Green tea

Overall, the camera exceeded my expectations. It was definitely not as good as DSLR but it was impressive considering the size and its ease of use. I am so recommending this camera to everyone out there! The only drawback of it is the slightly larger size compared to other compact cameras such as Canon Ixus. Still, I'd say it's a good tradeoff for the quality. :)


foongpc said...

Wow! I like the photos! So sharp - even in dim lights! Should have used your photos for my blog. haha! How much does this panasonic LX3 costs?

vkeong said...

Not bad, you have steady hands haha

Nicocoa said...

stop making me hungry!

CY said...

i'd have to agree that ur cam really take great pics under challenging lighting.

rest assured that u can't get the same results with the kit lens of a similarly priced DSLR.

I have one complain though. Do the pictures look a bit squashed to you?

iamthewitch said...

foongpc: The whole package I got cost about RM1.5K

vkeong: It's the image stabilizer :P

Nicocoa: Ok, no more food! :P

CY: Hmm squashed? I don't think so. I guess it's because of the aspect ratio I chose, 3:2, which makes the picture looks elongated? Hence it gives the impression that it's squashed?

J2Kfm said...

only 3:2? i tot 16:9 !!!

wei no wonder your pics so clear and colour so sharp!

i'm trying to get one LX3 as well, how much u bought?

iamthewitch said...

It was only 3:2, not 16:9 :) I'll show you some 16:9 pictures that I took from Beijing later then you can compare. :)

I bought mine at RM1510 for the whole package. It's a good buy! But your camera is already amazing.:)