Monday, January 26, 2009

My Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2009!

So I'm finally back at my home sweet hometown in Kampar! Mom and dad have done a wonderful job decorating our house into a parade of redness that exudes the Chinese New Year charm. Oh I love home!

Decorations at home

And who could forget that this is the year of the golden ox with such a big red display of it in the living hall?

The customary Golden Ox for 2009!

Mandarin oranges! Simply a must during Chinese New Year, for good wealth!

Mandarin oranges

And the best part? The reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's eve! This is the gathering not to be missed by everybody! Relatives and cousins from afar would come back and gather here to have the home-made fabu-licious dinner by my dearest grandmother. Check out the brilliant and dishes she made!

The classic steamed chicken that was also offered to the ancestors during prayers earlier in the day.

Steamed chicken

Abalone and green peas!

Abalone with green peas

Ah my favourite prawns! No one else makes prawns the way my grandma does. They're fantastic!

Stir-fried big prawns

Yee Sang! Best invention ever created for the Chinese New Year, I'd say. We bought ours from a restaurant called Kam Ling in Kampar, which by the way, serves the best yee sang. If you're ever in Kampar during the Chinese New Year, please please, get yee sang from Kam Ling. You'll never regret it!

Yee Sang from Kam Ling Restaurant

A snapshot of our reunion dinner that night! Of course the food was not the only highlight of the night, it was also the annual reunion of family and relatives, the catching up, the gossiping, everything that made Chinese New Year all the more merry.

Our reunion dinner

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


CY said...

this is just too much to handle...
and here i am with my instant noodle. :(

MisSmall said...

Hmmm...yummy food!!

Happy Chinese New year to you too, gal. Have a good one! :D

chiaoju said...

waaaa! :) hehehe

happy chinese new year!

Theng said...

I'm so jealous...wish I was there!!! :(

zewt said...

Gong Hey Fatt Daiiiii Choy!

iamthewitch said...

CY: Aww... Next year ok! Make sure you don't miss it anymore!

MisSmall: Thanks dear! :) Hope you eat your heart out during this CNY!

chiaoju: Happy Chinese New Year to you! :)

Theng: Wish you were here too :(

zewt: Hehe... Yes Dai Dai Choy! :))

J2Kfm said...

wei u must intro some good Kampar food leh ...

Kam Ling's egg tarts not bad. bought them once. how bout the dim sum there?

ck lam said...

I did not know that Kam Ling is good for their yee sang.
I particularly like the yue tan noodles in the corner coffee shop as you enter the town from Temoh.

foongpc said...

So many delicious food! Yummy! For my reunion dinner, we didn't cook but ate out! My mom was just too lazy to do any cooking this year : )

iamthewitch said...

J2Kfm: Yea must make Kampar popular! But I don't go back that often though. Will try my best! :) Dim Sum in Kampar not as good as Ming Court or Foh San in Ipoh, IMHO. :)

ck lam: Really? Not sure which shop you're talking about though. Which Jalan is it in?

foongpc: Hehe, cooking for a truckload of people is not easy! I think I'd eat out also if I were your mom. :)