Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market and Pet Safari

I was browsing through Mystyle the other day and found out some great deals on food discounts! One of them was Manhattan Fish Market's Buy 1 Free 1 Dory fish promotion, and since I was in the mood for chips, I downloaded the voucher and went with Saucer. :)

We went to the MFM in Cineleisure Damansara, simply because we thought the crowd there was smaller. We were indeed right, and we had our table in no time. :)


Before long, we were served with two piping hot plates of dory fish and chips, lots of chips! I was actually more interested in the chips than the fish, to be frank. :) The fish was just so-so. The fried skin was too thick and floury. I ended up removing the whole of the fish skin and just savoured the fish meat, which was rather bland. I don't think I'll ever go there again to eat fish and chips.

Buy 1 free 1

Dory fish and chips

After dinner, we walked around the malls until we reached Ikano Power Center and came across a shop that we've never noticed before. The Pet Safari! It looked like a mini version of a zoo. *LOL* I mean, REALLY mini. The entrance was decorated with a brightly lit aquarium with pretty saltwater fishes.

Pet's world!

If you look hard enough, you could even spot Nemo and Dory fish inside. :)


Once we're inside, we were greeted with more aquariums. I was impressed with the massive size of this pet shop! There was just so much to see and smell. Maybe I wouldn't want to smell that much, but anyway... Here is the aquarium with pretty corals in it.

Pretty corals

More exotic fishes to be found inside the shop.

Saltwater fish

Then I came across this green and slimy frog/toad, which could stick onto the glass wall vertically. Somehow just looking at the frog makes my hair stand on its end. Gross... Slimy green... and sticky. Yuck!

Green frogs

There was a whole area dedicated to reptiles too. We saw the orange-scaled snake first.

Orange-coloured snake

A chameleon, I guess?


Moving on, we saw the tortoise, with its head tucked in safely into the shell. Hello? Anyone home?


Oh, there were also hamsters! Baby hamsters for sale! They looked so very fragile, I'm telling you. It's like if I just hold them, they'd be squashed to death. *shudders* I don't think I'll have the guts to ever hold a hamster, no matter how cute many claim them to be.


There were also carps for sale.


And not forgetting the most popular fish among households, the gold fish!

Gold fish

I spotted this unique aquarium on my way out. It was like 2 worlds in one aquarium, very pretty indeed. :)

Pretty 2-in-1 aquarium

Pet Safari is indeed a good place to visit, especially with kids, so that they could see some of the animals for real. Best of all, it's free entrance! As for pet lovers, this would be the place to go to get all sorts of equipments or animal feed.


MisSmall said...

Pet Safari was one of my must-go place whenever I went to The Curve and Ikano. Before they downsized, that is. They used to have a lot more puppies and kitties on display. The reptile section has been downsized significantly too, I think.

vkeong said...

There's a Pet Safari at Cineleisure area?? I didn't know or even seen it before! Dang.

ck lam said...

This looks interesting...thanks for sharing.

cfh said...

Why u eat Ms. Pang?

J2Kfm said...

the pet safari in Ikano right? vkeong must have missed the text.
only had the platter for sharing in Manhattan. the fish in that platter is not bad woh ....

foongpc said...

I don't own any pets but just visit the Pet Safari once in a while for fun!

Is there a MFM in Cineleisure? Didn't even know that! I thought there's one in Ikano next to the post office.

iamthewitch said...

Missmall: That was already downsized? It still looked huge to me! But I didn't see as many puppies or kittens though.

vkeong: It's not in Cineleisure, but in Ikano Power Center. Sorry for the confusion. :)

ck lam: You're welcome!

cfh: I did not eat her! :P

J2Kfm: Yea it's in Ikano. I suppose the fish in the platter is not dory fish. Dory fish must be the cheapest type available or else they wouldn't afford to give Buy 1 Free 1 meals. :)

foongpc: Oh yes, they have one in Cineleisure too, it's on the ground floor just next to Tony Roma's. :)

foongpc said...

Do they really need to open another MFM in Cineleisure? The one in Ikano always look quite empty! '

Btw, I like the photos you took with your camera. Very sharp and it's not a DLSR right? How much does your camera cost?

iamthewitch said...

I know! Business in Cineleisure MFM also not very busy. Oh my camera is not DSLR. :) I've actually written a post on my camera earlier, it's a Panasonic LX3, cost 1.5k. :)