Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shopping at Gardens, Mid Valley

I love shopping during Christmas! Everywhere you look you'd see the big 'SALE' sign. And don't forget the free gifts! I never knew shopping during Christmas would give you so much free gifts that you wouldn't have got otherwise. :) And that is IN ADDITION to the sales. :)

There was one Saturday when I went shopping in The Gardens at Mid Valley. The Gardens has always been my favourite simply because it's less crowded and the place was nicely built. And oh the toilets! Gorgeous! :)

Gardens @ Mid Valley

Spotted this tall Christmas tree indoors. I love how my wide angle LX3 could capture the full tree at a near distance. ;)

Christmas tree at The Gardens

Saucer and witch

Shopping always starts with a good and hearty meal. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the energy to walk the distance! *LOL* We chose Kim Gary for brunch, which was crowded as usual. Cheese-baked rice for me, please!

Yummy cheese-baked rice

After brunch, we took a walk around the ground floor and came across an area with fake snow in the North Court of Mid Valley. Oh I forgot to mention that we crossed over to Mid Valley from The Gardens just to go to Kim Gary. :) Anyway, the fake snow was actually just foam, and I didn't dare to go too near to take pictures for fear of the foam entering my camera lens.

witch with fake snow

On the same evening, there was this show at the Centre Court as well. It was very entertaining and colourful. Put me in a Christmas-sy mood indeed. :)

Interesting show

Ending pose

Did I mention free gifts? Well for those who shopped in Mid Valley, I'm sure you would have noticed the Big Red HSBC booth near the North/South court (sorry, couldn't remember) just in front of MPH. They were giving free Christmas mugs to shoppers who spent RM300 and above or RM200 and above for HSBC card holders. See how many we got? And you'd know how much we spent. :P I love the mugs! They're big and solid, just perfect for hot drinks. :)

Free mugs

Also, during the same day, it happened to be Saucer's sister's birthday. We decided to get her a birthday cake and we got this free cookies in return. Chocolate chip, no less! And it came with a free mug as well!

Free chocolate chip cookies and Christmas mug

Now let me present to you my favourite item from the shopping list! Here is the Panasonic EH 1575 Styling Iron. I got it as an anniversary gift from Saucer. :) They actually had different versions, either a straightener, a curler or a 2-in-1 curler and straightener. Of course, being the typical Malaysian, I chose the 2-in-1 type because the price difference was not that big. :) Due to it being the Christmas season, I was given 2 free gifts too!

Panasonic Curler/Straightener

The first was a jewelry doll stand/jewelry holder doll which had a bracket at her back for us to hang earrings. I took this picture before I assembled the doll so you might not know what I mean. It looks similar to this, but mine has a head. :) I will take another picture of the completed unit soon. Anyway, I checked out some stalls outside and found out that they were selling at RM60-RM80 per doll! *gasp*

Doll stand

And, because of the year end sale, there was a lucky draw for extra gifts too! The most expensive one was actually a jewelry box, and because I was chatting with the salesman for quite some time before that, I coaxed him into giving me the box without drawing the prize from the box. ;) The box was bound by leather and heavy.

Jewelry box

There were many compartments within the box, perfect for storing all sorts of jewelry. I was glad to have got this because my jewelry was previously cluttered everywhere in my drawers/table.

Inside of jewelry box

Finally, aren't you curious of why I wanted the curler/straightener as a gift? I always wondered how I'd look like with curls! And I didn't dare to go for permanent curls at the salon in case I didn't look good with them. So getting this DIY curler was the perfect solution. And it's easy to do! Well, my first time might not be so good, so the curls were not that defined, but I'm sure with enough practice, I'd get the hang out of it! :)

What do you think?


Curls or no curls? :)

My new hair


soo sean said...

Not bad. Maybe use some sytling hair product will look even better.

I think if you go for permanent curl, then you should keep your fringe short. Should be nicer.

ck lam said...

Looks good too...with a bit of body curl. It gives a more mature look.

Poeme said...


Yin Hoon said...

Curls! CNY is just around the corner. Just the right time for a new hairdo....Hehehe....

foongpc said...

The Gardens is a nice place to go to. High class and less crowded. Yes, the toilets are nice, and I have been to the ladies toilet too. Lots of strategically placed mirrors! Have you been to the gents? haha! Actually, I was with a friend late one night when the Gardens was already closed. She was afraid to go to the ladies alone so we both went in to do our business.

As for curls or straight, I think I prefer straight : )

iamdoryfish said...

curls! sexy!!!but must remember to let go the fringe. don't pin it up! :P

iamthewitch said...

soo sean: Good idea. Will use some mousse on my curls the next time I do it. :)

ck lam: Hehe... Yea, definitely more matured. :P

Poeme: OK! Too bad you won't be around during CNY! Or we can experiment together!

Yin Hoon: You're right! I think I'll curl up my hair for CNY... hehe

foongpc: Wow, you went to the ladies eh? So the men's toilets have less mirrors? :P

iamdoryfish: OK OK... don't pin up, don't pin up. :P

meifong said...

I like the curls, I think big waves are glam

iamthewitch said...

Thanks dear! :) It's about time you resurface! :P