Friday, January 2, 2009

I won pads!!

About 2 months ago, there was this contest organized by Whisper and FlyFM called Come Clean with Whisper. The contestants were supposed to write about their secrets that they have never shared with the public. Well I wasn't targeting on winning the grand prize, but was more interested in becoming one of the first 50 contestants to submit my entry. And luck was on my side because my name was really in the first 50! And I won myself a Whisper hamper worth RM100! Gosh, do you know how many pads are there in RM100? They could last me 2 years!

I went to the FlyFM office in Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama to collect my hamper. The staff gave me 2 paper bags filled with pads! I was so embarassed to carry them out of the office and to the carpark.

Whisper hamper worth RM100

There were even panty-liners and plenty of them!

Hamper top view

Once I was back home, I eagerly took out all the pads to find out there were 4 packets for heavy flow, 4 for normal flow and 4 panty-liners! That's a total of 144 pads and 160 panty-liners! Definitely will last me for quite a number of months! Yay!

Pads and more pads


Plazzy said...

My eyes...oh my eyes!!!

p/s: congrats

soo sean said...

I use this brand also. Are you sure it can last you for 2 years? I think it can only last me for half a year. I use to change it very often else I will feel not comfortable... :p

cfh said...

Can spare some to my gf if you have extra? :P

Hai Seong said...

wei, got time to update blog, no time to reply my email? :(

iamthewitch said...

Plazzy: What happened to your eyes? :P

soo sean: I don't usually use this brand, so not sure if it's good. But they're surely well-known. Hehe

cfh: Ish, don't so kiamsiap lar... anyway maybe your gf also doesn't use the same brand. :P

Hai Seong: Eh I did reply your email... :))

chiaoju said...

omg! guess u're all loaded for the next 6 months...wait... maybe more.

vkeong said...

LOL my gf won quite a lot too not long before this, but it was at a supermarket via a wheel spin contest :P

iamthewitch said...

chiaoju: Haha yea... more more months!

vkeong: Really? That's great! No more need to trouble you to get pads in cases of emergency eh? ;)